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Foundation Stage

A fantastic day at Colourscape!

A fantastic day at Colourscape! 1
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 2
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 3
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 4
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 5
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 6
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 7
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 8
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 9
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 10
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 11
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 12
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 13
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 14
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 15
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 16
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 17
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 18
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 19
A fantastic day at Colourscape! 20


Farm-tastic! 1
Farm-tastic! 2
Farm-tastic! 3
Farm-tastic! 4
Farm-tastic! 5
Farm-tastic! 6
Farm-tastic! 7
Farm-tastic! 8
Farm-tastic! 9
Farm-tastic! 10
Farm-tastic! 11
Farm-tastic! 12
Farm-tastic! 13
Farm-tastic! 14
Farm-tastic! 15
Farm-tastic! 16
Farm-tastic! 17
Farm-tastic! 18
Farm-tastic! 19
Farm-tastic! 20
Farm-tastic! 21
Farm-tastic! 22
Farm-tastic! 23
Farm-tastic! 24

Chick watch!

Chick watch! 1
Chick watch! 2
Chick watch! 3
Chick watch! 4
Chick watch! 5
Chick watch! 6
Chick watch! 7
Chick watch! 8
Chick watch! 9
Chick watch! 10
Chick watch! 11
Chick watch! 12
Chick watch! 13
Chick watch! 14
Chick watch! 15
Chick watch! 16
Chick watch! 17

We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.

Welcome to Reception!


Last week the children were busy thinking of names for our farm. We had a class vote to decide on the name which is Piglet's farm! We talked about the British Value of Democracy whilst having the vote.


Thursday 27th April

Having survived the weekend at Mrs Letheren's house, the chicks have very busy growing and changing this week. They are now much bigger and have wing and tail feathers. On Wednesday we took them out of the brooder box and were allowed to stroke them if we wanted. They are getting a bit wriggly for us to hold easily!

We are feeling a little bit sad because the chicks are leaving us tomorrow to go back to the farm. We have talked about how big they will be soon and that they need lots more space to run around. They keep knocking over their food and water because there isn't much room for them! We have loved looking after the chicks and it has been a brilliant way to start our Farms topic.

Friday 21st April

Today Mrs Letheren moved the chicks out of their cage so that Mrs Wilson could give it a little clean ready for the weekend. All the children were able to have a closer look at the chicks and most enjoyed touching and stroking them very gently. The children thought the chicks were very soft and warm. We all remembered to clean our hands carefully afterwards. Mrs Letheren (and her children!) are very excited to be taking the chicks home for the weekend! Don't worry, we'll bring them back on Monday morning for everyone to see if they have grown even more.

Thursday 20th April

Mrs Letheren was so excited when she arrived at school this morning because the last two chicks had hatched! They were already dry and fluffy so must have hatched in the middle of the night. One is dark brown and the other is yellow with brown patterns on its back. We named them Chirpy and Mimi. Our other chicks are called Cheepy, Lucky, Brownie, Lucy, Fifi, Rosa and Bob! They are cheeping lots and starting to drink lots of water and nibble on their food.

Wednesday 19th April

When Mrs Swift arrived in the classroom this morning their were four chicks in the incubator that had hatched over night! They must have been waiting until it was really quiet! We moved the chicks to the brooder box as they had dried out and become all fluffy in the incubator. We put a light on in the brooder box to make sure they were kept warm. Then throughout the day we have had three more chicks hatch- the children have been able to watch some of the hatching process and this has been very exciting! As we left tonight there were two eggs left, so we will update you with more news tomorrow evening!


Tuesday 18th April

Nine eggs arrived in the Reception classroom this morning. The children are very excited and have spent the day learning all about chicks. The chicks have special place in our classroom farm. As the children were leaving school a couple of the eggs had some small cracks in! The eggs are in an incubator at the moment to keep them warm.



 Members of the School Nursing Team will be in school as part of The National Child Measurement Programme on Thursday 20th April. They will be weighing and measuring all the children in Reception (unless you have informed them otherwise). You will be notified of the results by letter in a sealed envelope labelled 'For the attention of Parent/Carer'. If you require any further information please ring the School Nursing Single Point of Access (SPA) 0113 8435219.




Welcome back to the start of the Summer term! We hope that you have had an EGGcellent Easter holidays and given those brains a well deserved rest. The Reception team cannot wait to get started with lots of exciting learning this half term. We have some very exciting visitors that will be arriving after the Easter holidays and staying with us for two weeks! Can you guess who will be arriving?


 Please read the sections of the website below for details about what we are learning about in the different subject areas this half term. We hope you enjoy reading our class page, where topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half-term and latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. As always, there will be lots of photographs uploaded after all the exciting activities and events we get up to!


The Reception staff team consists of Mrs Swift, who is the Early Years Leader and class teacher, Mrs Letheren, class teacher and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Naylor, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Horner who are teaching assistants. Mrs Swift will be teaching Monday mornings, all day Tuesday, Wednesday mornings and alternate Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Horner will be teaching on a Monday afternoon when Mrs Swift is having her leadership time and planning exciting things for the whole school! Mrs Letheren will be teaching alternate Wednesday afternoons and all day Thursday and Friday. Mrs Wilson will be our teaching assistant every morning. On Mondays and Tuesdays Mrs Shaw will be our teaching assistant in the afternoons and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Mrs Naylor will be our teaching assistant.


Our PE day this half term will be Friday. During this lesson the children will focus on particular skills and aspects of PE. However the children have access to physical development opportunities every day both inside and outside of the classroom. Physical development in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is a prime area of development.  Part of this includes developing children’s knowledge and skills in taking responsibility for their own health and self –care. The EYFS states that ‘children manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully including dressing and going to the toilet independently’. For this reason, Reception children should bring their PE kit to school in a draw string bag at the start of every term. Their PE kit will stay in school and children will practice getting dressed and undressed independently at the start of every formal PE lesson. Reception children will take their PE kit home at the end of every half term to be washed.


Book changing days will be Mondays and Thursdays, please note that books will only be changed if your child's reading record has been signed. Books will not be sent home with the children as soon as they start Reception. Children will be given a reading book to take home when Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren have assessed them as being ready.


Show and Tell will be on a Monday. This is an opportunity for children to talk to, and/or show the whole class about something important to them. This may be something they did or created at the weekend or out of school or it could be something from home that is special to them. Show and Tell helps us to get to know the children and their achievements and interests outside of school, it is also a fantastic opportunity to practice their speaking, listening and questioning skills. Children do not have to participate every week, this is an optional activity.


Tommy the Travelling bear will be sent home with a different child every Friday and should be returned preferably by Monday but no later than Wednesday of the following week. Tommy will be part of your family for the weekend, the class love hearing about what he has been up to! Tommy activities can be recorded in his book with writing and/or pictures, please see Tommy's book for more details. 



Upcoming events


Thursday 20th April - National Child Measurement Programme (Height and Weight of children in Reception)

Monday 1st May - May Bank Holiday - not in school

Wednesday 17th May- Trip to Cannon Hall farm

Friday 26th May - Break up for half-term


Sports Day- still to be confirmed



Latest News


This is the place to check in each fortnight to find out about all the exciting things we have been up to!

Piglets Farm Shop!

Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and aunties who attended our sharing afternoon this week. The children in Reception loved making and then selling their tractor cards, scarecrow bookmarks and funny face cress heads! It was also a great chance to practise their money skills and we raised £50.58 for charity. Thanks again! On top of all that it was a fantastic opportunity for us all to reflect on the children’s incredible learning journey through Reception and we really valued seeing what the children had enjoyed most and reading through your thoughtful comments. What a year it’s been! We can’t believe it’s nearly over!

A busy couple of weeks!

Reception had a fantastic trip to Canon Hall farm despite all the rain! The children were extremely well behaved. They were very independent and were able to organise their own things with out much support from the adults. We went on a tour of the farm and were able to tell our tour guide what we already know about farm animals, it gave Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren lots of ideas about what we need to learn after half term when we will begin our learning about animals.

Reception have spent this half term learning about plants and what they need to grow and what sort of plants are growing around school. The Reception garden is looking lovely and the children have worked very hard, weeding and planting new plants. A very big thank you to Mrs Naylor for helping them.

Thank you for the amazing reading learning logs- it was lovely to see/ hear about what the children read when they are not at school. A big thank you to all the parents who have come into school at the end of the day to read their favourite story- the children have loved having you!

Have a lovely half term and give those brains a big well deserved rest!




Just a quick note from all the staff in Reception to say a massive WELL DONE to all the children for their exceptional behaviour during our trip to Cannon Hall Farm. There was absolutely no horsing around (sorry!). We were not only proud of the children for their behaviour but also their resilience to the rather wet weather and their zest for learning. The children asked so many interesting questions about animals whilst on the visit and we have found out some really fascinating facts. Perhaps they can tell you one!







Easter Egg-stavaganza!

Thank you so much to all those of you who attended our sharing afternoon last week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We were so impressed with how the children were able to retell The Easter Story in detail and that they showed such compassion towards Jesus. We were very impressed with your marking and anagram skills! Thanks again for your comments; we value your opinions as always.

This week the children had a wonderful time creating an Easter Garden with Mrs Horner. Please take a quick look at it and see if your child can explain what everything represents.

They also enjoyed celebrating this very important time of year at the Easter Service at St Oswald’s, demonstrating respectful and joyous behaviour.


Everyone had a brilliant time on our trip to Snozone this week. The children demonstrated lots of perseverance and courage when sledging and braving the cold! A real taste of being an Arctic explorer! They made us extremely proud with their exceptional behaviour.


Please bring in any packaging (boxes, bottles, lids etc – the more interesting the better!) for our modelling area. We also need lots of ice cream tubs please!

One more thing…

We are looking for parents/ carers that have experience of setting up a worm villa/ house. We have one in our garden that is empty and we would like to set one up. If anyone would be interested in doing this with a group of children please let Mrs Swift or Mrs Letheren know.



Ice cubes!

We have really enjoyed being scientists again in Reception whilst investigating how and why ice melts. The children came up with some brilliant ways to try to make their ice cube quicker. We have then linked this learning with what is happening to the environment in the Polar Regions and how we can help to look after our world by saving energy and recycling.

In our Shape, Space and Measure learning we have been finding out about 3D shapes such as cones, cubes, pyramids, cuboids and cylinders. The children are trying really hard to remember their names and describe their features such as edges, faces/ surfaces and points/ vertices. Our shape hunt has proved that 3D shapes are everywhere! Perhaps you could hunt for these shapes at home too.

Spring is coming…

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had in Reception!

Last week the children learnt all about the Spring celebrations of Nowruz and Holi. They loved creating artwork inspired by these festivals and have enjoyed getting creative with our independent painting activities.

This week we have been learning about the polar explorers Captain Scott, Matthew Henson and Helen Skelton. The children have found this really interesting and have thought carefully about what they would take on their own polar Arctic expedition. In our independent Science investigation area they have been building bridges to cross a frozen lake!

Finally we would like to say a massive well done to all the children for showing courage and huge amounts of joy when performing our dance routines just before the holiday. We were so incredibly proud of them.

REMINDER: All children must have a PE kit in school at all times please.

One more thing…

Reception are looking for parents/ carers that have experience of setting up a worm villa/ house. We have one in our garden that is empty and we would like to set one up. If anyone would be interested in doing this with a group of children please let Mrs Swift or Mrs Letheren know. Many thanks.


Happy half term!

Reception have had a fantastic half term, it has been particularly lovely to see the children becoming more independent with their writing and including this in their play. The children have also been learning how to add and subtract by counting on and back (a very tricky skill to master!) and are becoming more confident to do this independently! They have also enjoyed learning about capacity and have practicing these skills in their play- particularly in the water!!!
Reception had a very exciting week last week as they organised their own expedition around Collingham. The children were responsible for writing a letter to parents, drawing the map, writing a list of behaviour and expectations and carrying out a risk assessment! We had a fantastic afternoon and the children's enthusiasm on the walk was fabulous, they all looked really closely at the environment around them and made 'explorer notes' on their clipboards. Their behaviour was amazing, with one member of the community asking 'where we hatched children like these?'
We have also been learning about Chinese New Year, making stirs and learning how the festival is celebrated. We have linked this all with the British Value of 'mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith' 
Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren would like to wish everyone a fantastic half term and give those brains a well deserved rest!


Polar Explorers!


We are very excited in Reception as next week we are going on an expedition around Collingham! However Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren decided that they were not going to do the planning! The children thought about what we might need to do before we go on a trip, they decided it would be easier if we worked in small groups to get the jobs done! Each group has a different area to plan, writing a letter to parents, drawing a map of Collingham, writing a list of things we need to take and how we need to behave and carrying out a risk assessment! Reception have also been busy doing some scientific research about Polar animals, the children have been using non-fiction books and the internet help them create a class book about Polar animals. Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year, we will be making a stir fry, and learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We will use this as an opportunity to look at the British Value of ‘mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith’


A fantastic start to the new term

Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren would just like to say what a fantastic start the children have made to the new term. They have been doing some excellent learning and are very focused during group work and whole class learning. They have been persevering when things are difficult and showing great determination and resilience. The children have now started doing 'Big Writing' every Wednesday and Mrs Swift was really impressed with their independent writing. We have been doing lots of writing over the past two weeks- writing thank you letters to Father Christmas and after reading Noah during RE we have been writing our own promises for the new year on rainbows. The children had an exciting start to their Frozen topic when they had a special message from Elsa from Frozen and they got to have a drink with ice in! The children also learnt about questions words and how to ask questions and thought of some questions they would like to have answered about our Frozen topic. We went on an expedition around the school grounds and used our Science skills to look for signs of Winter. We also used our Geography skills and found Collingham on a map of the United Kingdom. Finally we talked about what animals do in Winter and got very messy making bird feeders to help care for the birds- phew what a busy two weeks!


Merry Christmas one and all!

Wow! What a busy and fun-filled couple of weeks we’ve had in Reception!

Firstly we’d like to say a massive well done to the children for behaving so brilliantly on our trip to Abbey House Museum. It was such an enjoyable day! We noticed how wonderfully inquisitive our children were and the staff at the museum commented several times on how polite they were. We were very proud of our class.

The children have been busy little elves and we hope that you like all of our Christmas crafts. They have tried so hard, right up until the very end of term. We think they might be in need of a lot of sleep next week!

Finally, a huge thank you for our presents! They are safely under our  trees ready for Christmas morning!

Have a magical Christmas everyone!


Superheroes for a day #2!

A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to visit us in Reception this week for our end of topic celebration. The children were so excited to show off all the amazing learning that they have done this term about the RESPECT Code and being Superhero learners. It was wonderful to watch the children sharing their Learning Journeys with you and explaining, in such detail, all the activities that have been keeping us so very busy. We think we have some future tour guides in the making as we saw the children showing off our fab learning environment! We hope that you enjoyed it and look forward to you visiting us again in 2017!

Superheroes for a day!

Reception had a great day on Friday for Children in Need and Anti-Bullying Day. The children were so excited to come to school dressed up and we talked about what it means to be a super fundraising hero, helping children who face difficulties in their lives.

We had lots of fun making Pudsey Bear puppets. We turned him into a superhero by dressing him in a cape and pants, just like Mr Elliot! Then we made spotty biscuits. Yum!

When we talked about Anti-Bullying Day, we focused on our RESPECT Code and British Values. We decided that if we all remember to show mutual respect, tolerance and compassion and value our friendships then our school will stay a happy and safe place.


What a fantastic start we’ve had back to Reception! So many children welcomed us with “hello” or “good morning” as they came into school which is so polite and grown up. They have settled back into their routines and learning brilliantly.

This week we have started a Science project. The children are very excited about being scientists and have been busy thinking about how to stop an egg from breaking when Mrs Letheren stands on a table and drops it! All our budding scientists will be designing, making and testing their inventions. They were very firm with Mrs Letheren about making sure we do a fair test!

In our Shape, Space and Measure learning, the children have been naming and describing flat (2D) shapes using a song, a feely bag and a sorting activity. We will also be going on a shape hunt around school. We know that shapes are everywhere so please encourage your child to spot them whilst at home or out and about.

Finally, we have also done our first Big Write this week. The children had fun creating Bonfire Night poems and practising sounding out and listening for sounds in words. We wish you an exciting and safe Bonfire weekend.


Reception were absolutely amazing in the Harvest festival! Mrs Swift and Mrs Wilson were both nearly crying they were so good! All the children joined in with the singing and the actions and it was fantastic to see them with big smiles on their faces. They were so proud of themselves afterwards and all the staff in Reception think they showed a lot of courage singing in front of so many people for the first time.

Reception have had a busy couple of weeks, we have been learning about harvest and about how a combine harvester works! We learnt about where our breakfast comes from and enjoyed tasting some cereal and toast. We used our maths skills to create repeating patterns with fruits and vegetables and sorted different food types. This week we have been learning about British Values which are an important part of our school and becoming a superhero learner. The children amazed us with their knowledge of the British value of democracy. We also learnt about the British values of individual liberty, mutual tolerance and respect and the rule of the law. We created our own superhero rules for the classroom. Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren have noticed that the children have really settled into school life now. Well done Reception! You deserve a big rest over half term!


Mrs Letheren is going to be enhancing the technology area in the Reception classroom and so would like some old  mobile phones with key pads and batteries removed or even toy mobile phones with key pads. If you have any at home that you no longer need, please bring them to the Reception classroom. Thank you.



Wow! What a fantastic couple of weeks Reception children have had. We have learnt all about the RESPECT code and are therefore well on our way to becoming superhero learners! We decided that one of the most important words in the RESPECT code is 'perseverance'. The children have been very mature in applying this word when they are doing their learning, saying things like 'if I just keep going and keep trying I will get there' and ' I cant give up, I have to keep trying'  This week the children have started their Literacy and Mathematics lessons, the days are now very full of learning so you may notice that the children become quite tired! On a Monday afternoon Mrs Horner and the children have been working really hard on clearing the garden and getting it ready for winter , the children have been practicing their moving and handling skills and using gardening tools to weed the garden area. The garden enhances our learning in many prime areas of the curriculum especially physical development and the children love planting and looking after the garden. Mrs Horner would love some donations of winter plants for the garden and also compost.
Thank you to the parents who have already bought in some 'wow' stars from home, we enjoy hearing about what the children have been achieving at home  so if your child does something that you feel is significant to their development, or something they have not done before, or conquers a fear, or tries something new we would LOVE to hear about it. Please write on the star telling us what happened and the date, you can even include a picture if you like! This star will then by stuck into their learning journey books and will help us build up a wider profile of your child. If you need more 'wow' stars then they are available on our class web page or from the classroom.


Thank you for welcoming us into your houses last week! We have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know all the parents and children in Reception.  This week the children have been coming to school for half days, all the staff in Reception cannot believe how amazingly the children are settling in. They have listened really well and as a result are learning all the new routines in the school day quickly.  We have been focusing on organising and putting on our belongings independently, tidying up our learning resources,  lining up at playtimes and how to take it in turns to speak when we are having whole class discussions. We have even fit in time for a discussion about the United Kingdom, the world and the solar system! Next week we will be learning about the schools RESPECT code and what the words in the RESPECT code mean and how they will help us to become superhero learners!


This half term the children will be looking at what we need to become a superhero learner. Their learning will be based on the RESPECT code and also the schools Personal Development goals. The Early Years Foundation Stage also has ' Characteristics of  Effective learning' which are central to all learning in Reception. These Characteristics of Effective learning will be reported on at the end of the year. As a school we believe that these characteristics underpin all learning and it is extremely important that children learn and develop these skills to create a life long love of learning. At the bottom of this page are links to all three documents, please take the time during your child's first few weeks at school to familiarise yourself with the language we use as a school when talking about the skills we need to learn as the children will be using lots of words from these documents in everyday life!

Homework expectations


Learning logs in Reception will not be sent home every week they will be set when appropriate to the children's learning and often link with what the children have or will be learning at school. Inside the learning log there will be a learning challenge set by the teachers, tasks and expected timeframes for the return of completed learning logs will vary depending on the challenge set. Time frames and expectations will always be clearly communicated to both children and parents at the setting of each task.  


Learning Logs are a unique personalised home / school learning resource for children. In the Learning Logs, children record their responses to learning challenges set by their teachers. Each log will become a unique record of a child's thinking and learning. The children can demonstrate their learning in a way that suits them. Learning logs are an excellent opportunity for parents to contribute to their children's learning journey and profile in Reception and have fun learning together! We really value any annotations or notes about how your child has been carrying out the learning log at home.


Curriculum this half term




The curriculum in Reception is holistic and not separated into subjects. The curriculum is set out into areas of learning. We do not explicitly make links to these area when talking to the children about topic learning. However when teachers plan topic learning is planned using these areas. As parents we realise that you might like to know which areas of the curriculum the topic learning links to and so we have provided the curriculum links for you. Please note that all learning that takes place in Reception covers all the areas of learning however the links provided are the ones that we are particularly focusing on that week. Literacy (reading and writing) and Mathematics forms part of all the topic learning that we do. In order to prepare the children for Year One we will where appropriate link learning to the national curriculum subjects such as History, Science, Geography.


Below is a key for the areas of learning;


PSED= Personal, Social and Emotional development

C&L= Communication and Language

PD= Physical development

UW= Understanding the world

EAD= Expressive Arts and Design.


Please see the web links at the bottom of the page for more detailed information on the Early Year curriculum and areas of learning.


Our topic for this half term is..............

Welcome to Piglets farm! (the children have decided on the name of our farm after having a vote as part of our learning about the British Value of Democracy) .


We will be continuing with our farm topic this half term!


During our topic we will be answering the following questions; 


  • What materials do we get from animals? UW
  • How can we look after our countryside? PSED- We will learn about the countryside code and why we have it and how to look after our environment.
  • What were farms like in the past?- UW- History based learning, we will look at timelines.
  • What food can we get from animals? UW- Science based learning about what food we get from animals, we will be tasting different foods and also making butter!
  • Are all animals treated fairly? PSED


This half term we will also be thinking about Why we celebrate Father's Day and what our Daddy's mean to us and we will be preparing for our parent event on the 28th June!


The children have thought of lots of things they would like to learn about. See our learning journey in the classroom for more information!





This half term we will be continuing with 'Words of the week', the children will take home five new words to learn each week. Below are our storm trooper words, before the Easter holidays Mrs Swift checked which words the children could read and write. She was very impressed with how well the children are learning these words, well done! We will be sending home a letter shortly letting you know which words your child still needs to practice.


First Names

















We follow the Read Write Inc (RWI) scheme of work in our Literacy lessons. We use this scheme to teach the children to read and write. The children will start by learning their 'Set 1' sounds. This half term some children will begin to learn Set 3 sounds in preparation for Year One. We will focus on a different sound each day. We will practice saying, reading and writing that sound. The children will recap every sound they have learnt each day so that learning can be consolidated. Sounds that the children have been learning that week will be sent home at the end of the week so that you can support your child practicing at home.


 When the children can say, read and write sounds confidently then they will start to take part in 'word time' activities. This is where the children start to read ( by blending the sounds together) and write ( by segmenting the sounds) three letter cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words made up of the sounds they already know. This half term some children will move on to reading some of the RWI stories, the children will read the book and then take part in various comprehension and writing activities associated with the book. 


This half term we will be practicing reading and writing words with the sounds we have been learning during whole class carpet sessions as well as continuing to learn a new sound each day. We will continue to practice our capital letters and Mrs Swift will be continuing with Big Writing with the children every Wednesday.This is a chance for the children to practice their writing independently and put into practice the skills we are teaching them in their RWI lessons. All the children sit down to write together at the same time. The children will start by holding and writing a simple sentence created by the teacher for example ' I have a red hat'. They will then progress to writing the same sentence but changing it slightly using their own ideas for example they might write 'I have a spotty hat'.


In Reception the children will have opportunities to read and write in all areas of the classroom and areas of the classroom will be enhanced at different times to encourage the children to read and write words and sentences using the skills they have learnt during RWI lessons. From this half term we will really be focusing on encouraging the children to write independently during their play and will be giving them lots of exciting opportunities to do so each week.


The children will take a reading book home when Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren have assessed them as being ready. The reading books your child brings home are different to those we use in class for the teaching of specific reading skills. The home reading books are designed for your child to ‘show off’ to you about how well they are doing with their reading. They should never present too much of a challenge or become a chore; by using these Oxford Reading Tree books (based on the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper) we hope to foster a love of reading and an enjoyment of books that your child will carry with them into adulthood. Remember to read the books more than once and ask plenty of questions. Understanding the story is just as important as being able to read the words so look at the pictures and ask questions about how the characters might be feeling, predict what might happen next or ask why a certain character did what they did. We do not hear your child read every reading book that we send home however we assess your child in their reading all the time as part of their RWI lessons and will move them up to the next stage when they are ready.



Mrs Swift will be focusing on the number strand of Mathematics including addition and subtraction. This half term the children will be learning;

  • Counting on or back from any number 0-20 and beyond
  • Partitioning numbers
  • Addition and subtraction by counting on or back
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

 This half term we will be practicing forming all our numbers 0-20 correctly and the right way round in preparation for Year One.


Mrs Letheren will be focusing on the shape, space and measure strand of Mathematics. This half term the children will be learning:

  • To recognise, recite and order days of the week and months of the year

  • To begin to understand units of time such as years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds

  • To begin to match key events to o’clock times

  • To begin to use mathematical names for ‘solid’ 3D shapes and ‘flat’ 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe them such as side, face and edge

  • To explore and identify patterns, including line symmetry, in images and simple shapes

  • To begin to solve problems involving shapes, colours and numbers



In our Technology Area the children will have access to Beebots, our programmable robot bees! They will continue to try to program the Beebots to follow routes and simple maps. They will also be able to use the Netbooks and iPads on a daily basis. In the Computer Suite we will be creating photo stories in groups and adding voice recordings!



During the final week we will be listening and responding to Old Testament stories such as Joseph Dreams. Our learning will incorporate singing, drama, arts and crafts.



Our PE lessons will be on Friday mornings again. We will be practising and improving our sending and receiving skills using bean bags, hoops and a variety of balls. The children will work on their own, in pairs and in groups and begin to play simple ball games.



We will learn about what school is like for French children and continue to practise all the French we have learnt so far. Following that we will learn how to say the names of our family members in French and how to introduce ourselves. Hopefully your child may greet you in French!


British Values


This half term we will be thinking about the rule of law when we talk about the countryside code, we will also be thinking about democracy.


.British Values include;

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.




Our school trip to Abbey house

Our school trip to Abbey house 1
Our school trip to Abbey house 2
Our school trip to Abbey house 3
Our school trip to Abbey house 4
Our school trip to Abbey house 5
Our school trip to Abbey house 6
Our school trip to Abbey house 7
Our school trip to Abbey house 8
Our school trip to Abbey house 9
Our school trip to Abbey house 10
Our school trip to Abbey house 11
Our school trip to Abbey house 12
Our school trip to Abbey house 13
Our school trip to Abbey house 14
Our school trip to Abbey house 15
Our school trip to Abbey house 16
Our school trip to Abbey house 17
Our school trip to Abbey house 18
Our school trip to Abbey house 19
Our school trip to Abbey house 20
Our school trip to Abbey house 21
Our school trip to Abbey house 22
Our school trip to Abbey house 23
Our school trip to Abbey house 24
Our school trip to Abbey house 25
Our school trip to Abbey house 26
Our school trip to Abbey house 27
Our school trip to Abbey house 28
Our school trip to Abbey house 29
Our school trip to Abbey house 30
Our school trip to Abbey house 31
Our school trip to Abbey house 32
Our school trip to Abbey house 33
Our school trip to Abbey house 34
Our school trip to Abbey house 35
Our school trip to Abbey house 36
Our school trip to Abbey house 37
Our school trip to Abbey house 38
Our school trip to Abbey house 39
Our school trip to Abbey house 40
Our school trip to Abbey house 41
Our school trip to Abbey house 42
Our school trip to Abbey house 43
Our school trip to Abbey house 44
Our school trip to Abbey house 45
Our school trip to Abbey house 46
Our school trip to Abbey house 47

Wow stars

Learning log homework statement


Personal Development Goals

Reception Curriculum including Characteristics of Effective Learning

Reception Maths Calculation Methods