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Areas of learning:
Understanding the World- People and Communities
Communication and Language- Speaking
Expressive Arts and Design- Being Imaginative
Literacy- Reading and Writing


This week we are learning about the Bible, we will be talking about what the Bible is, who it is special for and what it is about. As part of this learning we will be focusing on four stories from the Bible- Jonah and the Whale, Joseph and his coat, Jesus heals the blind man and Jesus feeds the 5000. The homework is to pick one of these stories or another story from the Bible and read, watch or listen to it. Discuss the story with your child, asking them questions about the story to check their understanding, talk about any interesting new words and what they mean. Does the story have a message in it or something we can learn from it? Which part of the Bible is your story from, the New Testament or the Old Testament? In order to show their understanding of the story can your child retell the story to an audience? They could use props if they wanted to and you could record it to show us! If your child doesn't want to do this they can make their own version of the story, you could make a book by folding an A4 piece of paper in half and have a go at writing some sentences and drawing some pictures about what happened in the story. Please send us photos of your creations!