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9th October

Note for parents

We do regular grammar and arithmetic tests in school to practise these skills and identify any gaps that might exist in the children's knowledge. These tests are sent home afterwards. Please can you check that your child is bringing these tests home and then discuss their scores and any questions that they are regularly getting wrong. 



Maths and GPS books

Please complete Autumn term test 4 in each book. These should be brought back into school for marking on Friday 16th October. 



Note for parents

Children should now all have their reading books from the reading scheme. Please re-enforce with your child that moving through the reading scheme is not a race where they try to read all of the books within each band so that they can rush onto the next one. They should read, and understand, each book in turn. Ideally, each book should be read twice; the first time to focus on decoding and reading the words on the page and the second time to check understanding- through direct retrieval of information and inference. 


Please ensure that you read for a minimum of 20 minutes each day and with an adult at least once per week. Any questions that are asked by adults should be recorded (preferably by children) in the Reading Records although the answers do not need to be written down. In the current circumstances, Reading Records should not be brought into school for teachers to check. A new system of recording reading online will hopefully be being trialled in the next couple of weeks. 



The next six orange words to learn are: awkward, bargain, bruise, category, cemetery, committee. To simplify the timetable for spellings and avoid overlap of children learning new spellings before they have been tested on the previous ones, these will now be tested on Fridays. The spelling test for these words will take place on Friday 23rd October. 


In addition, you should learn the spelling words for Unit 2 (words ending in -ible) that you have recorded in your spelling log book. These will be tested at the end of the unit. 



Please complete, by Friday 16th October, the online tasks on Purple Mash. 


Times tables/mental maths

You should now know what times tables you need to focus on based on the test that you are currently trying to pass. Please practise the tables required to pass this test. Times tables tests will take place at least fortnightly and will alternate with arithmetic tests.  Equally, you should continue to work on mental maths skills by practising the questions we have been working on in class (addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers digit numbers, adding and subtracting 10, 100 and 1000,  multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit).