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Autumn 2 Week 5 Blog

It’s beginning to look a look a lot like Christmas…

Last week we had a really big push on Phonics and were really impressed with how many sounds the children can remember, including tricky new sounds r, j and v. We know it’s a really busy time over the next few weeks, but any practise you can manage, either just recognising the sounds quickly or writing them down, would be really helpful to ensure that the children don’t forget them. We will of course be doing the same in school.

In Maths, our focus number was 3 and the children took part in some brilliant learning to deepen their understanding. We used stories such as The 3 Little Pigs, even creating some gorgeous collage houses. The children thought about how 3 can be made in different ways and using different objects. We also linked number 3 to shapes, focusing on triangles, as well as circles from when we did number 1. The children did lots of sorting, hunting and patterns, even using Kandinsky’s famous artwork to enhance their learning.

Once again, a huge thank to you all for attending our Parent Sharing Afternoon. We know the children loved having you in our classroom and it was such a joy to see you all talking and learning together. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

On Wednesday 1st December, the children came in to find their classroom looking a little bit different! They were so excited to look at all our special Christmas decorations and start to play in all our Christmas-themed areas of provision. Santa’s workshop is a particularly big hit!

The children have listened to the real Christmas Story from the Bible as well as a lovely version called Jesus’ Christmas Party, where the Innkeeper is rather grumpy! They listened well and were then able to order and retell the story. We also looked at lots of the language in these stories and discussed their meaning such as manger, Bethlehem, shepherds, stomped and slammed.

Finally, the children listened to one of our favourite Christmas stories – Father Christmas Needs a Wee! Obviously, they absolutely loved it! However, as well as being funny, it’s also a great book for counting and, again, we picked out some of the language such as heaven, flee and rises. We’ll continue to use this story, and others, to think about Santa’s long journey on Christmas Eve and find out about how people celebrate around the world.


Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team J