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Autumn Term 2

Homework 16.12.21 (Due in 05.01.22)


Unsurprisingly, there will be no homework over the Christmas period. The children have worked incredibly hard this term and deserve a rest! We hope the children have a lovely holiday and we cannot wait to hear about all their activities in January.


The Big Write on the first week back will be a recount of their Christmas holidays. It might be worth jotting down some of the things you do over the period and discuss these with your child on the Monday or Tuesday night before the write.


Last week, you should have received login details for 'Sumdog' (maths based learning website). I have set some work for the class in case your child would like to have a go. Please note, it is of complete choice if this activity is completed and please only use it if your child is showing an interest. 

Homework 09.12.21 (Due in 15.12.21)


Please continue with your personalised sheets. If you feel your child is confident with all their targets, please speak to a member of the Year 1 team. 


Please note our Big Write next week will be on MONDAY 15th DECEMBER not the Wednesday. Year 1 will be writing a letter to Santa. I know the majority of children will have already done this but it is an easy way to discuss the format of a letter. Please can you discuss the following areas with your child:

  • Why have they been good this year? For example, 'I have been good because I have tidied my room.' 
  • What would they like for Christmas and why?
  • What are they going to leave for Santa/reindeer?
  • What do they like the most about Christmas?


On Friday, login details for 'Sumdog' will be sent home. This is a website to support with developing maths skills. We will set 'assignments' for pupils to complete but please use the website however you feel is most appropriate for your family. There will be no fixed completion date for any of the work set.


On Wednesday 8th December, your child should have received a phonics paper book. The book will need to be returned on Friday 10th December. Please note, your child will have read this book 3x in school and so should be reading it fluently and confidently. If your child attends Mrs Questa's group then they will not have received one of these phonics books. 

Homework 02.12.21 (Due in 08.12.21)


Please continue with your personalised sheets. What we are finding is the children are becoming really confident with the reading of the phonics sounds and tricky words but finding the spelling side a bit trickier. This is completely normal and is expected at this time of year.


Please could you concentrate on the spellings of the tricky words on your personalised sheet. If you feel your child is confident with all their spellings, please speak to a member of the Year 1 team. Also, using your sounds book (yellow book) could you practise spelling words with the Set 2 sounds in. If you do this out of order then you will be able to identify the sounds that your child is finding tricky to apply to their writing. For example, ask them to spell the words 'play, sleep, light, snow, moon, book, fork, start, fair, twirl, shout, toy'. After this, you will be able to see which sounds need to be focussed on.


There will be no Big Write next week due to the Nativity Performance :).


In maths, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shape. The 2D shapes Y1 need to know are circle, triangle, square, rectangle. We will also look at pentagons, hexagons and octagons. The 3D shapes Y1 need to know are cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid, cone and cylinder. Please could you do a 2D and 3D hunt at home to see if your child can identify the shapes. A common misconception in Year 1 is not being able to identify shapes when the orientation has been changed (such as a triangle 'upside down'). One way we tackle this is to cut out the 2D shapes and stick them on the board with blu tack and then see how many different ways we can turn it and what the shape then looks like. 

Homework 18.11.21 (Due in 24.11.21)


Please keep practising your personalised homework sheet. This will be ongoing until the next assessment week in February. We have found the best way to practise the sounds and tricky words is to make flash cards. Even if you think your child is confident with the word/sound please keep it in their pack and still revisit it. Repetition helps the transfer of information from short to long term memory. If your child is ready to move onto set 3 sounds then please see this as an opportunity to pre teach and allow your child to become familiar with new sounds. Your yellow sounds book will help with this. Within the set 3 sounds I would avoid looking at the split digraphs (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e) until they are formally introduced in class. 


There will not be a Big Write next week due to Nativity Rehearsals. 


In geography, we are learning all about Collingham. We thought it would be a good idea to have a display in our classroom of maps of the children's journey to school. With your child, please can you attempt to draw your journey from your house to school, marking any key features you pass. For example, if you travel from Linton you could add on the bridge. Or if you travel past Tesco, you could add that to your map. Please could these be returned to school on Wednesday 24th November. We are really excited to see the maps :).


On Wednesday, your child will have received a paper RWI book. This is the same book they have read in class. This book is to be kept at home for 2 nights and then returned. In this case, the books will need to be returned on Friday 19th November. Please read the book with your child. Your child should be able to confidently read the book as they will have read it 3x in school already. This will help with their fluency. Please note if your child attends Mrs Questa's group, they will not have received a book.


If your child has lines in the Nativity, please can you practise these at home. We will also be sending the words to Away in a Manger to learn on Monday.