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Wow, what another amazing week both Reception classes have had. We have started a new topic linked to the Bear Hunt story and the children have been very busy creating a Bear Hunt Sensory tray, acting out a bear hunt and using binoculars and searching for bears in the playground (We found pictures of them painted on rocks) ! We have also been thinking about different families and have been looking at family trees.


The children are also busy having daily phonics and maths sessions. This week we were ordering numbers and finding missing numbers on a number line. Next week, we will be learning about doubling numbers. In phonics, we have been revising the set 2 sounds and will start our group lessons using the books next week. We are also going to look again at the ff, ll, ss, zz, qu, ch, ir, before we look at ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy again.

Next week we will be thinking about ourselves and how we grow and change from babies to children and then thinking about what jobs we might do when we are a grown up.


Please remember, our virtual door is always open to all our pupils (those attending school and those who are completing learning at home) so please do get in contact if you would like to talk to us about anything.


The Reception Team