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CMHW Spring 1 Week 6 Blog

Reach for the Stars!

We have had a really lovely week in Reception, focusing mainly on Children’s Mental Health Week, in terms of our emotions and looking after ourselves and each other and ‘Growing Together’. The children absolutely loved the two new stories we read to them. Ruby’s Worry is brilliant for ensuring children understand how important it is to talk to someone when you’re feeling worried. Lucy’s Blue Day is fantastic for supporting children to understand that sometimes it’s ok not to feel ok, and thinking about how we can stay positive and overcome problems. We hope the children can recall their mental health goal, we said we have to ‘reach for the stars’ to achieve it, whether it be getting more sleep or trying not to get cross with a sibling.


In Phonics, we have focused on learning all the upper case/ capital letters that correspond with their lower case partners that we have already learnt. We have also been trying hard to learn the letter names – some are really tricky like C/S and G/J. Practising the alphabet song (sent via Tapestry) or playing matching games will really help them with this.


In Maths, we have been learning about the lucky number 7 and over the past couple of weeks have been measuring both capacity and weight – perhaps some baking is in order?!


We have managed to fit in a little of our new Frozen topic, focusing on looking at maps. The children found it so interesting studying maps or the world and the UK, finding Collingham and looking for other places that they know of. They might like to continue this at home.

We are really proud of the children and how hard they are working. It has been a very long half term! They were really starting to get tired towards the end of this week so hopefully some early nights this weekend and we can battle through to the half term holiday!


Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team J