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Father Christmas Needs a Wee!

On the 1st December we started our new mini topic Father Christmas Needs a Wee! This topic is based around the book 'Father Christmas Needs a Wee' During this geography based topic we will be learning about some of the countries that Father Christmas visits on his journey round the world. We will be learning where the countries are and about the different traditions that each country have. We will also be practising our counting and subitising skills when reading this story as this is math based book.


Week bg 29.11.21- This week we will be reading the Christmas Story, we will be retelling it and sequencing it in the correct order. We will be talking about why this story is important to Christians. We will also be learning about what advent is and why it is important to Christians. 

We will be thinking about the values of  Service, Generosity and Friendship and will be taking part in 'Be a Santa for a senior' We will be developing our fine motor skills and making some Elf decorations by sewing.


Week bg 6.12.21- This week is a very busy week! We will be learning about Germany- we will be learning about how German children write a letter to the Christmas Angel 'Christkind' We will be writing our own letters to the Christmas Angel, practising forming our letters correctly and listening for sounds in words. This week we will also be learning about Alaska and how children in Alaska put a star on a pole and take it in turns to try and catch the star. We will be making our own stars out of salt dough. We will learn about France and how French children leave out shoes for Le Pere Noel- we will be making and decorating our own shoes to see if Le Pere Noel visits our school!

Finally this week we will also making starting to make our Christmas cards!


Week bg 13.12.21- This week we will be painting our salt dough stars and taking part in lots of fun Christmas activities in the afternoons!