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Friday 11/02/22

CGP workout books. 

Children should complete the relevant workouts in both their English and Maths book and return them to school according to the timetable on the homework page. Please note that this half-term, these should be returned to school on Tuesdays. 



Wonder- Please ensure that you have read to page 234 by Tuesday morning. 


All children should be reading their school reading-scheme book for at least 15 minutes per day, five days per week. To encourage children to develop a love for reading, they should also be encouraged to read their own reading book, either from home or school. This book should be a book that they enjoy, but, ideally, one that that also challenges them. Children are encouraged to read a wide range of genres and authors. Finally, children should check the meaning of unfamiliar words in the books they are reading, They can do this in a dictionary, online or by asking an adult. 


Reading, including any new vocabulary the children have come across, should be logged on Go-Read each day. In Year 5, children should be able to log their own reading. Parents are still encouraged to read with their children as often as possible and to ask questions of them, as well as just listening to them read aloud. It would be appreciated if parents could log these sessions and any questions they have asked on Go-Read in the same way they used to do this in the old reading records. 



This week's spelling words are: opportunity, parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, confidence, existence, insistence, sequence, frequency, audience.


You should also have your own spellings from words to log and learn that you will need to focus on. 


Children who attend Mrs Questa's group should only learn the second set of spellings (the unhighlighted ones) as well as any spellings issues by Mrs Questa. 


Please remember that spelling words can be tested with prefixes or suffixes added. 


The highlighted words are Orange Words and are taken from the statutory spelling list for Year 5/6. Spellings will be tested on Fridays. 


Computing- change of deadline

Please ensure that your portion of your group's podcast script is completed by next Tuesday 1st March.  


English- research

You will need to complete your research on the life cycle of a butterfly and bring it to school on Tuesday 15th February. 


The 4 sections you will be researching are:

  • general information about butterflies
  • an overview of the lifecycle of butterflies
  • detailed steps in the lifecycle of a butterfly
  • glossary. 


Some websites that children have considered useful are:

Academy of Natural Sciences

The Butterfly Site

Joyful Butterfly

National Geographic kids

I have also attached the example text for the life cycle of a frog to help you recall what goes in each section.