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Friday Blog Week 6

Year 6 Blog – Friday 15th May 2020

Hi Everyone,


It has been lovely to hear from so many of you this week. We have received amazing spelling scores; seen fantastic cooking; heard about epic water fights; learning how to make coffee (and in one case  a G+T!) for your parents; brilliant homework scores; beautifully decorated Amphora’s; baking; quizzes organised for friends; lots of photographs showing us how you celebrated VE day and the best, most amazing story with completely fictional characters who were definitely not based on any head teachers we know…!!

It has been a strange week, knowing what we would have been doing in a parallel world (with no coronavirus) and today would have signified the end to the tests (but not the Year 6 work!). As always, you never cease to amaze us with your positive attitudes and amazing effort you are putting into your home learning. Keep this up and send us photos and emails about what you have been doing. Not long to go now.

Well done Year 6!


In our blog today, we also thought that we would share a poem that Rosa wrote in reply to the poem and message we left you all on Monday. We found it heart-warming and it made us smile.


We could see our friends and laugh with joy,

We could meet up with all the boys,

Instead we are home and doing our bit,

For those who have fallen sick,


Staying home,

Playing on your phone,

Doing work and eating Twix,

Musicals all cancelled including SIX,


We will be back together soon,

So just hang on and stay in the gloom,

When we're together we'll look back,

And say what a jolly good chap,


Everything is cancelled but that's okay,

Start doing Joe Wicks every-day,

Going to school and having fun,

But that's all gone and it's no fun,


School is partly deserted,

With the taps that spurted,

But that's okay,

We will soon see each other every-day,


But then you'll get bored with constant friend's jokes,

And every second getting prods and pokes,

But then you'll think back and relax,

I was bored without you (and your great snacks)!



If this poem inspires you to write you own version or any other type of poem, then please share them with us and, if you don’t mind, we can put them on our class page.