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Friday Blog Week 7

Year 6 Blog – Friday 22nd May 2020


Hi guys!  Have you all had a nice week and managed to enjoy some of this glorious weather?  So, who has had their paddling pool out this week or had a water balloon fight? (You’re never too old for either of those!)  Are you all looking forward to half term next week?  Just remember that we will not be setting any home learning activities for next week - Woohoo! Use this time to enjoy the fresh air and have a final rest before those of you who are coming back, come back to school.  We can’t wait to see those of you who will be back with us!

Following in the footsteps of Rosa last week, we have received this amazing poem from Isabelle.  It made us smile and we thought it would be lovely to share it.

The school gates are closed waiting for us to arrive,

But while we’re apart, our community spirit thrives,


Our SAT’s papers wait in anticipation,

All the while there is silence across the nation,


Our pencil cases – zipped up – hide away in our trays,

And now we are learning to live by new ways,


The group chat is buzzing all day and all night,

As we try – very hard- to get our maths right


And there’s a miracle with social media,

Our parents are finding it easier and easier!


Right now we’re at home; we’re learning new things,

Like Spiderman squats with Joe Wicks,


We’re all at home, watching TV,

Sad about SAT’s – or is that just me?


We’re missing each other – our teachers, our friends,

And hopefully soon all of this will end,


Although this is slow and we’re taking small steps,

Everything we’re doing is for the best,


Very soon, we’ll be back to normal,

With no social distancing and all this stuff that seems so formal,


Just imagine the day,

That we all see our friends and we’re able to play,

We’re all inside, stuck at home,

And sometimes we’re feeling all on our own,


But we are wrong; we stand together,

A part of world history that will live on forever.

If this poem inspires you to write you own version or any other type of poem, then please share them with us and, if you don’t mind, we can put them on our class page.


Please remember that if you have mislaid any of your log on details than please email and Mr Duffy will send you the details you need.

Remember, we would love to see some photos or to hear from you as we are really missing you all!  Have a great half term.

Mrs Myers and Miss Hicks x