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Friday Blog Week 6

Reception Blog – Friday 15th May 2020



Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all your emails and photos this week. We’ve put together a selection of photos that will hopefully help to inspire the children and keep all of you home-school teachers going! We really do understand how hard it is, especially now that the novelty has worn off – you are doing brilliantly!

Over the last week, we have seen and heard about lots of…

  • VE day celebrations – what fabulous medals, flags, bunting and buns!
  • Great gardening and growing – remember to keep watering, observing and measuring!
  • Wonderful writing – this is AMAZING! We would love to see any writing about our story The Enormous Turnip or any book your child enjoys!
  • Friday Farm Fun – a princess farm and some pig pants!
  • Marvellous maths and measuring – keep it practical and keep practising!
  • Fab phonics and reading – watching programs, playing games, online books or bedtime stories – every little helps!
  • Amazing artwork – we can see the creative side in many of you!
  • Learning new skills – skateboards and bikes – we are very impressed!
  • Outdoor fun – here’s hoping the weather forecast is right for next week!

Please remember that there is no time limit on any of the activities and we would love to see any photos if/ when you complete the activities set.

If it’s your birthday this or next week, we hope you have a fab day!  


Stay safe and keep smiling.  

Mrs Letheren and Miss Hicks xx

Tommy and the Gigantic Potato!