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Wk bg 08.03.21- Science week- this week we will be designing and making our very own ice gardens. We will talking about the processes of freezing and melting. We will be observing and recording the changes that happen to water when it freezes and ice when it melts.

Wk bg 15.03.21- This week we will be reading the book 'Diamond in the snow' and recapping what happens to ice as it melts. We will also begin our learning about Polar Explorers. We will start by looking at modern polar explorers. We will be doing a 'diamond 9' activity and writing a list of the most important things that we would need to take with us if we were going on a polar expedition

Wk bg 22.03.21- This week we will continue our learning about Polar explorers and look at polar explorers from the past. We will be comparing past and present polar exploration and we will have a go at sorting old and new. This week we will also be learning about Inuit people and some of their traditions.

Wk bg 29.03.21- This week will be a focus week around Easter- we will be learning about the Easter Story and thinking about why Christians celebrate Easter.


This half term we will be reading the book ' Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be encouraging the children to take part in activities independently based around the book in our enhanced provision. This might involve retelling the story, or making maps or doing some writing and drawing activities.