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Delilah's glow stick dance
Ben enjoying the sun
James creating spooky ghosts
Dottie hard at work
Ben enjoying some time with his brothers
Ben making the most of the sun
Ben displaying some awesome skills
Ben hard at work
Xavier's home school timetable
Hugo's impressive score on his preposition quiz
Abigail's fantastic Lego roller coaster
Finn and Tom on their trampoline
William and his brother out for a walk
William and his brother completing their jigsaw
Finlay and his new pet penguin
Finn working hard on his spellings
James hard at work with his writing
William enjoying some time in his garden
Millie hard at work learning new skills
Dottie working on this weeks spellings
Charlie's answers to this weeks quiz
Tom and his new pet alligator
Thomas and his brother enjoying the outdoors
Thomas hard at work
Chloe and Alfie
Chloe in a downpour of petals
Abigail's Easter Comic-strip
Abigail's Easter Comic-strip
Austin's magnificent hill fort
Austin's magnificent hill fort
Austin's magnificent hill fort
Sophie with her brother working on a jigsaw
Sophie's Fruity Fish & Chips
William in the garden with his brother and sister
William enjoying a work by the river
Austin hard at work with this weeks learning
Tom and Finn enjoying drinks in Costa Del Garden
Finn on his bike ride
Tom enjoying his bike ride
Tom and Finn hard at work
Xavier's Roman Soldier
Harrison working on his maths
William on his bike ride
Abi during a ballet lesson
Abi camping in the lovely sunshine
Abi creating a fantastic Lego house
Abi and her brother painting
Abi the garden planting
Finn reading the History Hackers
Lauren working on her spellings
William showing us his science work
William and his brother with their Lego
Sophie reading on her trampoline
Sophie hard at work
Tom completing his fractions work
James backing some cakes
Xavier walking his dog
Xavier taking some time to relax and read
Austin and his fantastic Roman shield
Xavier building a den
Delilah hard at work
Delilah on her scooter in the sun
Delilah bike riding
Dottie Baking
Charlie's Egg-speriment
Sophie's Bubble Art
Sophie's Bubble Art
Sophie playing a board game with her brother
Abi's Lego Treehouse
Ben Camping
Ben Cooking
Ben on his trampoline
Ben using his VR headset
Ben's new puppy
Ben's homemade pizza
Hugo skipping on his trampoline
Chloe cooking
William completing the pentathlon
William exploring
William's Star Wars Lego model
Dottie rock painting
Dottie's Collingham Rocks
Xavier hard at work with a jigsaw
Xavier enjoying a book