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Reception Summer 1 Week 5 – Tuesday 19th May  2020


Reading and Writing (Read Write Inc):

Oxford Owls – Please continue to work through the red, green or purple books, as appropriate to your child, and if this way of learning is working for you at home. Remember that for each book, you can do a ‘hold the sentence’ writing activity and ‘edit a sentence’ for the green books onwards. Please email us if you would like guidance on this.

Please encourage your child to read any of the Oxford Reading Tree books from Oxford Owls of the same levels as they have been bringing home e.g. Stage 1, 2 or 3. Please feel free to email us to let us know which of these books they have read and how they got on.

Username: CLEHYR

Password: yearR



You can access Read Write Inc Speed sounds at the following times:  

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30am 
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00am a
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am

Tuesday 19th May

Set 1 - nk

Set 2 - ar

Set 3 - ire


Wednesday 20th May

Set 1 – m (Set 1 restarts) 

Set 2 – or

Set 3 - ear


Thursday 21st May

Set 1 - a 

Set 2 - air

Set 3 – ea (Set 3 restarts)


Friday 22nd May

Set 1 - s

Set 2 - ir

Set 3 - oi



This week we are continuing with our learning about Subtraction. We have written a short activity for each day if you would like to follow this, or please pick and choose which activities you would like to do. You can always go back to the activities we did last week if you prefer those or wish to consolidate those.


Sumdog – Subtract within 5. (We have limited the questions to 10 questions per game this time!)

Classroom Secrets Kids:




Use the PowerPoint Alien Theme Subtraction to 20 or subtraction to 10 (depending on what your child feels confident with).

Then complete either the ‘Tuesday – Number Shape subtraction to 10’ or ‘Tuesday – Number Shape Subtraction to 20’ sheet found in the resources section. You may want to use counters to support the learning. If these don’t suit your child and where they are with their learning, you might want to do the Mini beast subtraction sheet.

Or have a look at the ‘Taking Away within 10’ activity booklet which has activities to promote the First, then and now aspect of maths.



Subtraction Using a Number Line.

We have added some 0-20 Number lines to print off in the resources section. You could also just draw one out.

Subtraction using a number line uses the counting back method of subtraction rather than the physical removal of objects that we used last week. Please don’t worry if your child is not ready for this yet, continue with using physical objects and we will cover this again.

Start by using the PowerPoint – Wednesday - How Many Bears. This only uses numbers to 10 and introduces the concept of counting back on the number line. Remember to explain that we only start counting back once we have jumped onto the next number!

You can just do the questions on the PowerPoint or you can also have a look at the sheet we have called ‘Wednesday – Subtraction by Counting back ‘ or create some of your own number sentences and use the number line to help you.



Use ‘Thursday - Bertie the Bakers Subtraction PowerPoint’ and go through the slides. These include numbers to 20. You can use physical objects and smaller numbers if this is too challenging try using the Hungry Monsters PowerPoint.

You could also complete more activities for today by either looking at ‘Thursday - Subtraction with a Number line to 20’  or ‘Thursday - Subtraction using a number line 10’



Colour by Number. There are two different worksheets in the resources section. There is colour by number to 10 and colour by number to 20. You do not need to do them both. Choose which one is most appropriate for your child.


You might prefer to complete the work from the Oak National Academy which can be found here:

Please do not worry and do what suits your family.


Topic: Farms – The 3 Little Pigs

Please pick and choose which activities you think your child would most enjoy and learn from. Ideally include some writing!

Reading and Writing

Classroom Secrets:



Rhyme of the Week

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?!


Design Technology

  • Can you make one or all of the pig houses from the story? Which materials could you use? Perhaps try Lego, Duplo, lollipop sticks, straws, twigs, recycling boxes…whatever you can find! You could even add or make the characters and furniture. We can’t wait to see your creations!