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Year 6 Blog – Friday 7th May 2020

Hi guys!  Have you all had a nice week?  The weather has been gorgeous so you may have been out and about in your local area or just enjoying it in your gardens.  Hopefully it will remain bright if you are celebrating 75 years since VE Day during this special Bank Holiday.  Some people are having social distancing street parties in their front gardens or celebrating via technology.  However you choose to celebrate it, we hope you have fun!

Maybe you could send us some photos of your Bank Holiday.  Keep sending your pics in; we love seeing you enjoying yourselves as well as the work you have produced.  Please remember that you can email us at any time with messages, photos or questions at  We will always try to reply as quickly as possible! Do what you can, when you can.   


Collingham Kids’ Rocks

Some of you may have noticed lots of painted rocks appearing around Collingham. A Collingham Kids’ Rocks Facebook group has been set up by Ben and Alex’s family in school. The idea is that if you find a rock, you photo it and then post your picture on the Facebook page before re-hiding the rock! You can decorate your own rocks and hide them around the village too!

So far, over 100 people have got involved and have joined the group. Ben and Alex would love for even more to join in and create their own masterpieces to hide.

It's such a great idea and certainly boosts the motivation to get out on that daily walk and spot one of the hidden treasures. It's also a really lovely way for everyone to keep in touch and to give a break from a 'virtual' world that can be dominated by screens.

 If you would like to join in, then more information can be found on the link below:


Please also see the weekly Headteacher’s Blog for more information!


Online Learning

It has been lovely to see some names appear for the first time on Sumdog!  Keep going!  We have been keeping an eye on Sumdog, Purple Mash, Twinkl Go etc and we have noticed that some of you are doing incredibly well on the computer activity/ quizzes leader board.  Please try to have a go at these English and maths activities as they will be really helping to keep your skill-levels up.

Please remember that if you have mislaid any of your log on details than please email and Mr Duffy will send you the details you need.



We have found our class email a really useful tool to keep in touch with you all and see all the amazing things that you are doing. However, we don’t have your email addresses so we need you to email us first. If we haven’t heard from you, please send us a quick email even if it’s just to say hi! J


Online Safety at Home

We are sure that many of your children are accessing learning and other games online and for some children, the time they spend on the internet may have increased. ‘Thinkuknow' have created a variety of age differentiated (4 years –14+), short activities linked to online safety for you to complete with your children at home. The activities are available on a fortnightly basis and will really help to support both you and your child with staying safe online. 

Please follow the link for more information:


Enjoy the Bank Holiday and we will speak to you all next Tuesday, via our updated Y6 web page.

We are really missing you all! 


Mrs Myers and Miss Hicks x