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Reception Blog – Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning Reception!

We hope you’ve had a good week, despite a bit of rain! At least all the plants will be growing happily! Have you grown too? We continue to think of you all the time and look forward to when we’re back together again.

We have re-organised the website a little and hope you find this better to work with. Please continue to give us any feedback on the activities that we are providing and of course, keep sending your photos and messages when you have chance. We hope you are all keeping track of your house points!

Please continue with the Jack and the Beanstalk and plant activities next week as needed. We will be having a special VE Day focus next week and hope you enjoy the activities we have planned. If you find anything online that you think others might enjoy, please let us know!

From next week, we will only be setting one English focus: either a RWI book and ‘hold a sentence’ task OR a story book with reading, drama and writing activities. We‘re hoping this will be more manageable.

You can email us at any time with messages, photos or questions at We will always try to reply as quickly as possible!  

Friday Farm Fun!

Can you create your own new and unusual farm animal? Perhaps it could be a mixture of 3 or 4 different animals? Be as imaginative as you can! You could draw it or make it out of playdough or boxes. What is it called? Can you describe it?

If it’s your birthday this or next week, we hope you have a fab day!  

Stay safe and keep smiling everyone.

Mrs Letheren and Miss Hicks xx