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Homework week bg 16th November 2020

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and we are taking part! Each day at school the children will be learning a new nursery rhyme. We will be doing lots of practising of our speaking and listening skills and also our self-confidence and self-awareness skills as we will be performing our nursery rhymes in small groups to the rest of the class.


Monday- Wheels on the bus

Tuesday- Five Little Speckled Frogs

Wednesday- Hickory Dickory Dock

Thursday- Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Friday- Miss Polly Had a Dolly


Your homework for the next couple of weeks is to practise learning these nursery rhymes at home and perform them to your family and friends! If you have found these nursery rhymes easy to learn, can you make up a new verse for the rhymes, or can you find a nursery rhyme that you don’t know, learn it and perform it to your family and friends? You can record your learning in any way you like, photos, drawings, writing, maybe even a recording of your performances! It would be lovely to see some of this learning on Tapestry. We really enjoyed seeing all your rhyming homework!


Nursery rhymes play a very important role in your child’s learning and development;


  • They enable children to become interested in the rhyme and patterns of language and they are perfect first stories for children as they introduce the idea of listening from beginning to end as the narrative develops, but they are short, so easy to absorb.
  • Singing nursery rhymes can help children to develop emergent literacy skills, lots of them are repetitive which can support the development of memory.
  • They provide great practise with one to one word correspondence and early reading.
  • Maths and music are very similar and require similar learning functions, hearing rhythm and keeping time can help children develop skills which they will use later when learning maths.


We have attached copies of the nursery rhymes that you can display at home if you like!