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Homework wk bg 30th November 2020

Your homework for the next two weeks is to practise counting backwards.For the last couple of weeks we have been practising counting backwards during our maths lessons and it would really help embed the children's learning if you worked on this at home as well! As we explained in the Maths zoom meeting, counting backwards is much harder than counting forwards. When we teach the children to count backwards we look at what is happening to the numbers- we explain that they get smaller by one less each time. We start by showing the children the numbers 20-0 and use this to help them count backwards and then when they become more confident we count backwards without the number line. Children will often count from 20-16 and then find it a bit tricky! So it is useful to practise counting 16,15,14,13,12,11,10 lots of times. There are some number lines for you to use for counting and a counting backwards work sheet. Make sure you start at 20 and work back! There are also some suggestions for helping the children with one less. Some other ideas for counting backwards are

  •  Passing a ball between two people, start at 20 and say a number each time you pass the ball
  •  Use your advent calendar to help you count backwards! Find 20 and then see if you can spot the other numbers as you count backwards.
  •  Make your own number line and practise counting backwards
  • Count the pages of a book from 20-0


We look forward to seeing some of the things you do on Tapestry!