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Takeover day 2015




Being a headteacher is really fun but hard. There are lots of really fun jobs to do etc. Sticking the leaves on to the tree , checking if everybody is ok and no one is misbehaving. But it is  also hard as well because you have to have to have lots of courage and perseverance to stand up and talk to everyone in class.

The hardest thing about being a head teacher is how you have to do work whilst people come in and ask for a power houspoint so you have to get up and ask how they got it and why and then you have to remember what you needed to do.   


And of course because of this week’s respect code, you need to be friendly and use friendship on other people.  


Thank you for all the support you’ve given us, we’ve raised a whopping £301.70p for the refugee charity, it was an incredible amount and as I said thank you for all your support JJJ


Frankie Stubbs and Callum Cooper 

Takeover Headteachers 


See the gallery section for photographs of the day.