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Reception Blog Autumn 2 Week 5

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….!

Last week, the children worked incredibly hard to learn the words and actions to two Christmas songs. Going onto the stage to perform was a new and exciting experience for them, as was dressing in costume and being filmed! They rose to the occasion and we were super proud of them. We hope you will be too.

This week, we are super excited to start our new Christmas topic based around the story Santa Needs a Wee! You could try asking the children to retell the story to you at home. We are learning about how children celebrate Christmas in other countries around the world and enjoying doing lots of lovely craft activities. The children have also listened to the Christmas story from the Bible, thinking carefully about the reasons we celebrate, sing and give gifts at this special time of year.

The Reception children have are absolutely loving being super scientists. The children were given a challenge: Santa (in egg-form! See Gallery!) is delivering presents on Christmas Eve but falls out of his sleigh mid-flight! Can you help him to land safely on the rooftops and save Christmas? The children have worked together in pairs to design and make a way to help Santa-egg land safely and we were really impressed by their ideas. Some have chosen to wrap Santa-egg up in tissue paper or bubble wrap and seal him in a box; some to make a parachute or use balloons for him to float down; others want to drop him onto a homemade trampoline, into a box and even a bucket of water! They have shown so much creativity, enthusiasm and perseverance when making their design. We hope they show courage when we test them, understanding that experiments don’t always exactly go according to plan!

In addition to all this, our busy little elves have been trying incredibly hard to master the skill of sewing! As a school, we have decided to support a local charity called ‘Be a Santa for a Senior’ and in Reception, we are making reindeers decorations which we hope will bring lots of seniors some much-needed joy this Christmas.

Please remember to look on the website for activities to do at home which will support your child’s learning. In the Homework section, you will find the sound sheets, Word Time guidance and, from next week, a Rhyme of the Week to practise and enjoy together. This section is updated every Friday.

Have a super weekend.

The Reception Team