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Reception Blog Summer 1 Week 3

Green Team Reception!


We have had a fantastic focus week about looking after our environment. At the beginning of the week, the children took part in a brilliant Zoom workshop with the author Claire Culliford. She read them one of her own books, ‘Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps', which is all about how human behaviour is affecting the environment and causing the ice caps to melt. Obviously Climate Change is a huge issue for everyone and it is amazing that children at such a young age were able to engage in and contribute towards a discussion with Claire and Mrs Swift about it. Mrs Swift was super impressed with the children’s answers both to comprehension questions about the story and questions about environmental changes. Following the workshop, the children read and practised writing some of the key words from the story and drew penguins like the main character Penny. During the rest of the week, we have been looking at the 5Rs – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Rot and Rethink. The children sorted household objects into these groups brilliantly with Mrs Letheren, noticing that most things could be reused or recycled and should definitely not just be thrown away as ‘rubbish’! Everyone designed and made their own ‘save the environment’ poster: the messages ranging from ‘walk to school’, ‘turn off lights’, ‘turn off taps’ to the strongly worded ‘PICK UP YOUR RUBBISH’! We are really proud to see the children’s drawing skills and independent writing really improve over the last 3 weeks back at school. Finally the children loved listening to the story of Michael Recycle – perhaps they can all try to be ‘green’ superheroes at home too?