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Reception Blog Summer 1 Week 5

Walking Superheroes!


Wow! What a fantastic week we have had in Reception...despite the weather! Each day we have started the day by talking about one of the Walking Superhero Powers: Super Strong, Super Smart, Super Smiley, Super Safe and Super Sustainable. Then every single child (plus the grown ups!) have walked and run 1km every single day! 4 laps around the school field or 13 laps of our playground ( the rain!) is a long way when you're only little and everyone completed it enthusiastically, never giving up, always persevering. We are SUPER proud of all of you. Go Team Reception! After each km, the children then completed their special booklet which they have brought home today. Try asking them about the different Walking Super Powers and why they are so important for us and for the environment. We hope you'll be as impressed as we have been! The children received a sticker every day for completing the challenge and today, after Mr Cook joined us on our rather soggy walk/ run, he was so amazed by Reception, he gave everyone a special Head Teacher Award sticker! Well done to everyone for trying to walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride to school this week. Hopefully we can continue with some of these healthy and environmentally friendly changes for good :)