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Reception Blog Summer 2 Week 2

Reception in Bloom!

The children have come back from the holiday refreshed and ready to learn. We can’t believe they only have another 5 weeks left in Reception!

Last week, the children practised recognising and naming animals and their young. Many children were unsure of words such as ‘foal’ and ‘calf’ so we did lots of extra practise on these and any that you can do at home to really embed this vocabulary would be great.

Our ‘Farm’ topic focus has moved on to plants now. Over the past month or so, the children have been busy planting and looking after lots of vegetable plants and we hope that they will be ready to pick before the end of term! It’s great to hear about lots of children planting flowers and vegetables at home too. This week, we have been looking at the parts of a plant and sorting plants into groups such as flowers, weeds, trees and food providers. Some children have drawn beautiful pictures of real flowers using oil pastels. Well done to everyone who has managed to complete some fantastic Home Learning about plants too!

For the next few weeks, we are also going to be using traditional stories to enhance our learning and play. This week we have read The 3 Billy Goats Gruff – try asking your child to retell you the story. We think there could be some very expressive voices for the nasty troll! Traditional stories are brilliant for young children as there is often lots of repetition, important story language such as ‘Once upon a time’ and they are usually rather funny or gruesome! Next week, we will be reading Little Red Riding Hood. Again, any additional reading, writing, play or games based around traditional stories would be great to do at home if you wish.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend and a very Happy Father’s Day!

The Reception Team