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Reception Blog Summer 2 Week 4

Busy little bees!


We are still super busy and working really hard in Reception! 


The children have been enjoying our Technology lessons on Friday afternoons. First, the children were challenged to use a multimedia media programme on the computers in the ICT Suite. They were very excited doing this and showed so much perseverance using the mouse to navigate the programme - we were so impressed! They might like to access Simple City on Purple Mash at home too. Now we are working on a unit called Talking Technology using the new iPads and the children are loving it so far. They particularly like it that their name comes up on the screen! We are using an app called Book Creator to draw, add voice recordings and take photos - they'll be better than us soon!


The children have been brilliant in their learning about where food comes from and are now all quite confident in explaining which animal certain foods come from, such as milk, cheese, yoghurt and beef from cows. They had a fantastic time being taste testers! Yum! We also successfully made our own butter which we hope the children enjoyed on some toast or bread tonight! Try asking them to explain how we did it. 


Many children have shown an interest in the Euros, so we are making sure that we have activities relating to this in our areas of provision. We hope that they'll all be waving their England flags tomorrow night! During our Celebration Assembly this morning, Year 5 treated us to a fab rendition on It's Coming Home! They children loved it and we joined in by the end! Come on England! 


Have a great weekend!


The Reception Team