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Reception Blog Week 3

Reception Blog – Week 3 – Friday 2nd October 2020


What a super busy week of learning we have had in Reception! We think there might be some very tired brains this weekend! We are all so proud of the children for their amazing thinking and discussion skills when learning about some really important parts of Collingham School.

Last week, we read a story called The Colour Monster which is all about our emotions. The children talked about times when they have felt happy, sad, loved, angry and so on. We even acted out these emotions in our first PE lesson in the hall! Every morning, the children have to find their name and put it in the bowl next to the colour monster that shows how they are feeling. For example, if they are feeling happy, they put it next to the yellow monster. Try asking them about this story, the colours and the different emotions (feelings).

This week, we have focused on learning about the Christian Values of our school through  our Collingham RESPECT Code. The children have listened to lots of stories to find out and think about each tricky word in our special code. You could try asking them what words such as Courage, Forgiveness and Perseverance mean – we think you’ll be impressed with their answers!

We have also been thinking about what it means to be a Lifelong Learner. The children worked together in groups to paint a Collingham pupil and each thought of a way that they personally demonstrate our learning skills such as creativity and enjoyment.

Please see our RESPECT Code and Lifelong Leaner documents further down this page for more details. Plus take a look in this week’s photo gallery!

As well as all this, the children have taken part in Class Worship, their first Collective Worship with the whole school (via Zoom!), learnt about rhyming words using the story of The Runaway Pea, practised their sorting skills in our Maths challenges, tidied and started planting our gardens, had lots of fun playing and learning with their friends and can already line up in alphabetical (register) order – astounding!!

Have a wonderful, and as restful as possible, weekend!

The Reception Team