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Reception End of Year Blog 2021


It seems such a long time ago since we came to visit you all in your gardens and on your driveways. It has been a strange and, at times, very challenging year for us all, but your amazing children are the ones who have kept us all going and made all the hard work and tough times completely worth it. Our Reception Class of 2020 have absolutely astounded us at every stage of their development. They are one of the most caring, friendly, fun and imaginative classes we have ever taught – they simply just love being together. It is such a joy and a privilege to watch their brilliant play, overhear them checking in on each other, making sure everyone is ok and, despite the tumultuous year, they have all managed to make great progress in their learning. What a class! We are going to miss their wonderful chats with us so much – they are such an interesting group of children and have so much to say!

We also want to say a huge thank you to you all. We know that it is not perhaps the way that you expected your children to start their time at Collingham, but we massively appreciate all the support you have given us and the patience you have shown – especially during the time you were Home Schooling! This was a real challenge, even for those of us who are teachers (!), but you rose to it magnificently and we think some of you might even have enjoyed it a little! Thank you also for all our beautiful, personalised gifts and cards – we really will treasure them forever.

We’ve made it to the final day in tact – somewhat of a miracle to be honest! The last couple of weeks in school have certainly been very challenging for children, parents and staff alike and the last two Fridays have felt very sad and rather flat. However, all we had to do, was take a moment at playtime, to look around at our wonderful Reception class, running around, laughing, doing cartwheels, pretending to make bonfires or potions – their togetherness, resilience, enthusiasm and positivity gave us the strength we needed to keep going. So thank you Reception – you are truly amazing. We are proud and honoured to have been your teachers.



Have a fantastic summer everyone!

The Reception Team x