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Summer 2 Week 4

Again, this week we have been practising all those tricky set 2 sounds in our phonics lesson. We have been SO impressed by the children - we think they've got them! Just keep on practising Reception! 

Summer 2 Week 3

This week have continued to practise the letter names and also capital letters. We have now completed the alphabet A-Z.

Please see below (Week 1) for ways to support with this at home. 

Summer 2 Week 2

We have been practising all our Set 2 sounds again this week. Almost there! Keep on practising! :)

Summer 2 Week 1

This week we have been recapping both the letter names (as said in the alphabet, rather than sounds) and also matching lower and upper case (capital) letters

We have focused just on the names and formation of letters A-M so far.

If you would like to help at home, you might recall some of the activities we used during Lockdown:

- match upper and lower case letters - lots of printables available

- you write a lower case letter (a) and ask child to write the corresponding capital (A). Or do this in reverse. 

- use magnetic letters or letter cards and support your child to put them in alphabetical order. Point at letters at random - can your child name them immediately or do they need to say the alphabet in order to work it out? Take a letter away - can they work out which is missing? 

- hide letter cards/ magnetic letters around the house - go and find an A, F, G etc! 

- they LOVE this alphabet song! 

Week 6

We have been recapping all Set 2 sounds. We are really getting there now. Keep practising everyone! :)

Week 5 - Recap ay and oy

Week 4

This week we have been assessing the children on all the phonics that they have learnt so far. They have tried really hard!

Please continue to practise all the Set 2 sounds that are listed in this half term's section below. We have noticed that they need extra practise with oy and ay, so please focus on these if you can.

Thank you! :) 

Summer Term - Week 1 - Recap ay ee ar or