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Spirituality Week Spring 1 Week 2 Blog

Spirituality Week in Reception


Wow – what a wonderful week! In fact, I’m actually feeling fairly relaxed as I write this after leading two super relaxing yoga sessions this morning and listening to some calm and soothing music throughout the day!

We started the week by explaining our Spirituality Driver to the children, as there is some really tricky language in there:


To ask ‘big questions about life, religion, nature, science and any other area of fascination.

To look at the world and notice – with awe and wonder – the natural and man-made delights around us.

To develop academically and personally in order to become well-rounded and ready to take a place in society – fulfilled, happy and spiritually aware.


Then we showed the children lots of fabulous photographs of the sky and discussed how they made them feel and why.

Our first BIG Question of the week was ‘If you were a cloud, what shape would you be and why?’. The children went outside, lay on mats and looked up at the sky, spotting clouds of different shapes and sizes. We wanted them to even further develop their awe and wonder of the world around them. We think we should all try to do this a little more often – so relaxing! We read the stories The Little Cloud and The Cloudspotter to the children and looked at all the different shapes the clouds look like in the books, picking out any new and interesting language and discussing it’s meaning. The children then drew their own cloud, explaining why they would be that shape and we were wowed by some of their answers.


Our next BIG Question was ‘What might be at the end of your rainbow? Again, the children looked at lots of photographs of some really amazing rainbows and talked about why they occur and how rainbows make them feel. As if by magic, a rainbow appeared for us on Wednesday morning before school! The children listened to the story The Great Rainbow Chase and we practised naming the colours of the rainbow in order. We also listened one of my favourite songs, Somewhere over the Rainbow, whilst imagining what might be at the end - although some of us think that no matter how hard you try, you can never reach the end, it just keeps getting further and further away. As a little treat, the children watched a film clip of Dorothy arriving in the Land of Oz and meeting the Munchkins, this led to further talk of what magical places might be at the end of a rainbow. The children had to come up with their own ideas and we loved how imaginative some of them were. Everyone also practised colour mixing in order to paint their own rainbow – they look so bright and cheerful hanging up in our classroom.


Later in the week, the children all enjoyed our rainbow bubble investigation. First we filled a plastic bottle ¾ full with water and added some washing up liquid. After giving it a really good shake, we quickly tipped out the water to find that lots of bubbles had formed. The children enjoyed looking at them, noticing that they looked white or see-through. However, when I asked them to put the bottle of bubbles by the window, they were amazed when rainbows appeared on the bubbles! It really was quite magical! When they took the bottle into the dark, the rainbows disappeared, but thankfully came back when they put it by the window again. They realised that it was to do with the (sun) light shining onto the bubbles – what super scientists they are! We also went outside in groups and made lots of bubbles, using my bubble machine and huge bubble wand, for the children to observe, chase and pop! Some of the bubbles were huge and the sunlight shining on them, turning them rainbow colours as the children chased them across the playground, was a sight to behold! I was so busy making bubbles that I couldn’t take any photos I’m afraid!


As well as all this, we’ve listened to some classical music, talking about how it makes us feel and why. Plus everyone took part in a yoga session, using a scheme called River Bear Yoga. The children were calm, following the yoga rules well and imagining that we were in the river bear forest. They practised various yoga positions including Easy Pose, Rock, Mountain, Cobra, Tree and Happy Bear (definitely their favourite!) – perhaps they could show you at home?


Finally, we just want to say a big well done to all those who have completed some of these activities at home. It’s been lovely to have some children back in class with us again after their time spent learning at home, and for those still at home – we really miss you and can’t wait to see you soon J


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Reception Team J