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Spring 1 Blogs 2023

Week 5


The children have enjoyed learning about how and why Lunar New Year is celebrated, both in China and around the world. They loved listening to the story of The Great Race, which explains how the years of the Zodiac came to be named. We thought carefully about the personalities of each of the animals, for example, the ox is kind because he let the rat and cat ride on his back; the rooster, monkey and goat demonstrate great teamwork when they sail on a raft together. During our Big Questions last week, we thought about what special characteristics the children have, encouraging them to talk positively about themselves – they used words such as kind, helpful, a good friend and funny. The children also found out how the Lunar New Year is celebrated with lanterns, fireworks and dragon dancing. They even helped to prepare and cook at stir fry, then best of all…got to taste test! The noodles definitely seemed to be a hit for many children!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have begun to really focus in on our Geography skills. The children have been looking closely at maps of the world and the UK, trying hard to locate countries and cities. Next half term, we will be really focusing in on our own locality, looking at maps and features of Collingham, comparing them to other places and also to Collingham in the past. It would be really Collingham/ where they live and the places nearby such as Wetherby and Leeds; places they visit and where they are in comparison, such as Harewood House, Leeds, Wales or Spain. Many of the children enjoyed looking at the maps in atlases so you might like to do that at home and find the places that you’ve been to, or they might enjoy making imaginary maps such as treasure maps!

The children have absolutely blown us away this week with how well they have grasped the concept of upper case (capital) letters and also with how far they have come on in their learning about 3D shapes since last week. At lunchtime today, they were so excited to tell us that their fish finger/ chip/ cake was a cuboid, their cup a cylinder and their peas were spheres – wowzers!

They really have been ‘on fire’ with their learning this week – 1 week until the holidays!

The Reception Team J

Week 1

What a special start to 2023!

Well, what an amazing start to the New Year we have had in Reception! The children have come back brilliantly and settled back into school really well.

It has been our RE Inter-Faith focus week and they have wowed us with their enthusiasm, knowledge and creative skills. We hope you have enjoyed looking at all their wonderful learning on Tapestry. They found out about the 6 main world faiths, before focusing in on Christianity. We thought about what Christians believe, what is important to them and then looked carefully at the external and internal features of churches. The models they created in groups are amazing and they absolutely loved showing them off at our ‘Faith Street’ Sharing Assembly this morning. They also enjoyed looking at all the religious buildings created by other classes. Please pop in to see our Faith Street after school on Wednesday if you can.

We have also vein learning all about the number 5 and have really got stuck back into phonics after the Christmas break. The children have all been working really hard at reading and writing CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words. Feel free to practise these at home too, ensuring the children remember to form their letters correctly as always!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The Reception Team :o)


Week 3

What another busy couple of weeks we have had in Reception. The children have been amazing, and have blown us away with their learning!

 Last week the children learnt about the importance of saying thank you. We also learnt about another Bible Story- Noah's Ark, we talked about the rainbow in Noah's Ark being being a promise that God would never send another flood like the one in the story again. The children have all made a promise  on rainbows that they are going to try and keep this year- these are hanging up in our reflection area.

We started our Frozen topic this week and the children enjoyed being scientists and looking for signs of winter around school. The children have amazed me with their learning about hibernation and migration and the difference between the two. You should have received a bird feeder yesterday, please put this in your garden and see if you can spot any birds eating from it. Please send us some pictures on Tapestry if you spot any! We also read the lovely book 'Winters sleep' and the children can name lots of animals that hibernate!

The children have also been practising asking questions and using questions words and thought of lots of interesting things they would like to learn about winter.

In our phonics the children are really starting to learn the ch, sh, qu and th sounds and can read and write each one with confidence. We have also been starting to learn to write sentences during our Big Writing, we have talked about what a sentence is, what is starts with (a capital letter) and what it ends with (a full stop) We have been looking at sentences in books and how words have spaces between them.

In our maths we have enjoyed learning our number bonds to 5 and this week have learnt lots about the number 6- we read the story 'Six dinner Sid' We have been practising describing numbers by using the language of one more and one less.

The children enjoyed their first trip to the school library and were very sensible and very excited to take their first book home.

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about British Values, these are 
Individual Liberty
Rule of Law
Mutual Respect and Tolerance for others.

We have been reading stories based on these values and talking about the importance of treating everyone equally. When we learnt about democracy we held our first class vote to decide what story we would read.

Finally, I have had a lovely Friday today, the children told me all about squares and rectangles in their shape learning and showed me how much they had learnt in French. We had a very relaxing PE lesson doing yoga and I was very impressed by how many poses the children had learnt.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you on Monday

Mrs Swift