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Spring 1 Week 4 Blog



We have had a fantastic week in Reception starting our new topic – Frozen. The children began by exploring the school grounds, looking for signs of winter such as bare trees and cold weather. We will be going on to do lots more exploring, investigating and map work as our topic progresses. Next, we learnt about question marks and question words and the children used lots of interesting winter and arctic photographs to think of questions we could try to find the answers to during our topic learning. There are so many, we think we’re going to be very busy! Following this, we have learnt two very long words and found out what they mean – hibernation and migration. We read a lovely book called Winter Sleep which has a hibernation story at the beginning, then lots of interesting information at the back. We all thought it would be rather nice to be a dormouse, snuggled up in a nest ball, sleeping all winter long! The children were mesmerised watching birds in flight on the video clips we watched about migration. I think we could all do with flying somewhere warmer for the winter at the moment! It was a rather messy afternoon making bird feeders, which we hope are either still in your fridges or hanging in your gardens. Here’s hoping some hungry little winter birds enjoy a nice meal this weekend. Everyone has also loved playing in our new provision areas – especially the tents and dressing up!


In addition to our amazing topic start, the children have been working hard in Maths over the last couple of weeks, tackling the tricky concepts of addition and subtraction, as well as 3D shape. In Phonics, we think most of the children have just about cracked our difficult digraphs sh, ch, th, qu, ng and nk and they have also been trying super hard with their first attempts at Big Writing. Any reinforcement of our Maths and Phonics that you can do at home will really consolidate your child’s learning.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team