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Spring 2

This week, we have just started our new Science unit on animals. We learnt that scientists put animals into 5 main groups to help study them. This week, we began by focusing on birds. We thought about what the similarities are between all birds and came up with the following:

  • They have feathers.
  • They have 2 legs and claws.
  • They have a beak.
  • They lay eggs. 

The children really enjoyed going out into our school grounds to observe and identify some common birds. Some children even continued their bird spotting at playtime and noticed some Red Kites circling above the playground!
We talked about how scientists might label a diagram to show the key features of a bird and we were so impressed that some children continued this learning in their own provision time. The children used some non fiction books to research different birds and produced some labelled pictures. You can see some of their work below. Super science year 1!