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Spring 2 Week 5 Blog

Happy Easter Reception!

We’ve had a fantastic final week of term in Reception, despite a little unwelcome illness! We hope all the children (and grown-ups!) now remain well and able to enjoy the holidays to the full!

The children have shown huge amounts of compassion and courage this week when learning about the Easter story from the Bible. We have talked about it being a very sad story, but also a time of celebration, for Christians believe that Jesus rose again to love and take care of us all. They were all able to retell the story, describe some of the events that took place during Holy Week and can explain what some of the Easter symbols mean or where certain traditions come from – you could try asking them in the run up to Easter weekend.

We finished the week off today by creating our own Easter Garden complete with hill, crosses, tomb, stone and flowers (for new life) and of course, by have lots of fun playing Easter Bingo! A big thank you to FOCS for organising this event and to you for your egg donations. Enjoy the chocolate children!

We wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that you can enjoy some special time together – here’s hoping for more settled weather!

The Reception Team J