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Once upon a time…


We have had a brilliant start to our final half term in Reception. The children have been so enthusiastic about all our learning and so many of them have really matured recently and are making some amazing progress. Go Team Reception!


This half term we are focusing on traditional tales, beginning with Jack and the Beanstalk last week. The children absolutely loved listening to the story, joining in with repeated refrains and discussing the story. The retells of the story that they did in Big Write were PHENOMENAL! You might have noticed our own plants are growing well, so let’s hope we have some lovely home grown produce to try before the end of term!


This week our focus story has been Rapunzel. Like last week, the children have loved listening to different versions of the story, and have been re-enacting it brilliantly using small world toys – especially our Rapunzel toy with an extremely long plait! The whole school has celebrated our Initiative Driver this week, and the children were challenged to come up with their own way to rescue Rapunzel from the tower – they weren’t allowed to simply use a long ladder! We wanted them to think imaginatively, creatively and independently. They absolutely astounded us! We had hover boards, trampolines, swing pulley systems, giant robots, slides, steps, ramps, a pool and even magic clouds!


Also during Initiative week, the children took part in a den building activity which they approached with their usual enthusiasm! They all had so much fun, as well as showing lots of perseverance and resilience.


The children learnt about Marcus Rashford and how he used his initiative to help those in need. In Big Write they had to look at the playtime scenario and write about how they could use their initiative to help the child who was being upset by another group of children. Their compassion was incredible for such very young children.


Finally, we had an initiative-based PE lesson, which required the children to work as a team and solve problems. We play Go Fetch – each team had to find certain items of PE equipment that were hidden around the playground. However, only 1 member of each time could search at a time and all the teams had different items to looks for. The next challenge was based on the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man. After listening to the story, the children had to cross the river (playground) themselves using only 2 rafts (hoops). However, only 2 children could travel on a raft at a time. It took a bit of thinking, but after getting 2 people safely across, they realised that 1 person had to go back to collect another person! It took some serious brain power and team work but they did it – well done everyone!


Enjoy the weekend – long may the sun shine!

The Reception Team J