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Looking into the past….

This week, the children have enjoyed learning three nursery rhymes from the past: Jack and Jill, Polly put the kettle on and Wee Willie Winkie. We talked in detail about the unusual language in the rhymes such as pail, caper and rapping, and looked for clues about lives in the past such as collecting water from a well, putting a kettle on a stove or fire and wearing a nightgown and cap. The children absolutely loved looking at historical artefacts to enhance their learning about the past, working out what they were used for, what their modern day equivalents are and observing them carefully to create some brilliant sketches. We looked closely at a copper kettle, carpet beater, plate warmer, candle holder with snuffer (just like Wee Willie Winkie’s!), bellows (made by Mrs L’s granddad!) and a very old iron – so heavy, they must have got muscles just from doing a bit of ironing!



We have been leaning French all year, but this week, we started a special focus on the subject, in particular, comparing the similarities and differences between life in the UK and life in France. The children had to sort features of both countries, deciding if they were mainly from France, the UK or could be both – such as the Euro Tunnel. They are really excited to show off their language skills at our Parents Afternoon next Wednesday – see you there!


Green Fingers

Mrs Wilson has been busy checking on all our plants and making sure they’ve been well watered during the hot weather. We had one large courgette last week which Mrs L took home to taste test – it was delicious! Thank you Reception gardeners! It’s looking hopeful that we’ll have lots more courgettes, and the tomatoes and potatoes are on their way now, so hopefully the children will get to taste some home grown produce before the end of term.


Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team J