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Summer Term 1

Wk beginning 17th April-  Comparing numbers

Wk beginning 24th April- Ordering number

Wk beginning 2nd May- Addition 

Wk beginning 9th May- Subtraction

Wk beginning 15th May- Estimating

Wk beginning 22nd May- Number bonds

Mrs Letheren


Weeks 1&2 - Money

  • Children can recognise coins and order by value.
  • Add 1p and 2p coins to make a total.
  • To begin to find the total of a combination of coins e.g. 5p + 2p +1p = ?
  • To begin adding 10s and 1s to make teen numbers.


Week 3 - Odd and Even Numbers

  • Explore and begin to recognise odd and even numbers.


Weeks 4&5 - Doubling and Halving

  • To double and halve numbers to 10 using practical methods to support their understanding.


Week 6 - Sharing

  • Begin to learning about division as sharing amounts.



Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of each number.

Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally.

Know double facts to 10.