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Summer Term 2

Homework 07.07.22 (Due in 11.07.22)

On Friday, your child will received a pesonalised sheet based on the recent assessment week. These sheets will also be passed onto the Year 2 team ready for next year. Please can you work towards your child's specific targets. If you have any questions about your child's sheet then please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Year 1 team. Please note if you had a meeting with Mrs Hesketh and I on Wednesday 6th July then you will have received your child's targets then and will not get a sheet on Friday.


On Monday, children will be writing a letter to a child in Reception ready for the transition week which begins the following day. Please see last weeks homework for more detail. If you could discuss some ideas about what your child might like to include then this would be greatly appreciated. The aim is to explain all about life in Year 1! 


Homework 30.06.22 (No due date)


Maths - Next week we are going to be looking at weight/mass. If you have any scales at home please can you show to your child how to use them and practise weighing some items from your house. A key idea children need to grasp is that the heavier item goes down and the lighter item will go up. If you do not have scales available you could talk about this concept and demonstrate with your hands. 


Big Write - There will be no Big Write next week due to Sports Day (fingers EXTRA crossed!). However, the following week the children will be writing a letter to a child in Reception to tell them all about what life is like in Year 1 (this will be given to the Reception child as part of their transition). If you could start to discuss some ideas which could go in their letter then this would be appreciated.


Cursive Handwriting - This week we have concentrated on joining letters and we have been blown away by the response and it seems to have had a positive impact. We are encouraging children where possible to now start joining. For some children this is meaning they are writing less as they are concentrating on their joins which is completely fine and expected. If you have any chance to practice joining that would be fantastic or if your child is choosing to write at home then a gentle reminder to maybe do it joined would be most helpful. We will continue to do 3 30minute sessions of this until the end of the year.


Thank you!


Homework 23.06.22 (Due in 29.06.22)


Maths - Next week we are going to continue with measure and looking at how to measure with a ruler. If you have a ruler at home please can you show to your child how to use one and practise measuring some items in your house. They need to know they have to line the object up with the 0cm on their ruler and not just the end of it. 


Big Write - There will be no Big Write next week due to Sports Day (fingers crossed!)


Cursive Handwriting - Please could you continue to practice forming the cursive letters with your child. Please can you remind your child to start from the line with their lead up and then follow the correct motion for each letter. We have found previously that handwriting drastically improves when it is completed 1v1 as you can immediately spot any errors and correct them. Thank you for your support. We have introduced 3 sessions of handwriting during the week to support with this. 


There will be no other homework this week as Year 1 have worked incredibly hard during assessment week. We could not be prouder! 

Homework 16th June

Please continue with the assessment week preparation below. 


If you have any questions about this then please speak to a member of the Y1 team. 

Assessment Week Information


I have attached some information below about assessment week. This will be the w/c 20th June.


For maths, please can you focus on doubles halves and quarters as there are a few questions on the assessments on this area.


There is also a full arithmetic section. This will include questions like:

7 + 5 = 

11 - 3 = 

17 + __ = 19

8 = 4 + __

__ - 5 = 11

10 = 7 + __