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Tommy's Travels 4

Tommy has been helping us to dig and plant our new vegetable patch! We have planted carrots, broad beans, spring onions, radishes, beetroot and parsley. Plus some wheat and barley that the farmers in our village have left near their fields, for children to take home to grow! What are you growing? Matty and Ruby think the rain will help their plants to grow. Do you know what else plants need to grow?

We also took Tommy on a farm track adventure! We have never walked this route before and had to look out for gates, stiles and ‘footpath’ signs. We were careful to close all the gates behind us to keep all the farm animals safe. We spotted sheep, lambs, ducks, geese and horses. Have you spotted any farm animals? Tommy was a bit scared going into the forest and over the bridge but Matty and Ruby took good care of him. They all loved blowing the dandelion clocks. Have you been doing this too?