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History: Invaders and Settlers: The Romans


Lesson 1: To understand the terms ‘invade’ and ‘settle’ and to place the Romans on a timeline

Children will consider some of the reasons for which people leave their homes to live in another place. They will define the terms ‘invade’ and ‘settle’, and start to think about how and when the Romans came to Britain. They will place the Roman occupation on a timeline.


Lesson 2: To find out why and how the Romans successfully invaded Britain

Children will learn about the Roman invasion of Britain before looking at how the Roman army made it possible to conquer Britain. They will find out how the army was organised, what a Roman soldier wore, and some of the strategies and techniques they used, as well as what life was like for a Roman soldier.


Lesson 3: To find out who was in Britain when the Romans invaded and learn about their way of life

Children will understand that it was the Celts who were living in Britain at the time of the Roman invasions. They will be given some brief information about who the Celts were before carrying out their own research to find out more about everyday life for the Celts.


Lesson 4: To explore who Boudica was from different points of view

Children will be introduced to Boudica and explore why she was so against the Roman invasion of Britain. They will go on to look at Boudica from the viewpoint of both the Celts and Romans, and begin to identify the reasons behind these different points of view.


Lesson 5: To find out about the results of Boudica’s revolt

Children will learn more about Boudica’s revolt, exploring why it was initially so successful, but then ultimately failed. Children will discuss and explain their views and opinions of Boudica.


Lesson 6: To find out about life in Roman Britain

Children will first look at some Picture Cards in groups and discuss what they tell us about daily life in Roman Britain. They will then find out about different aspects of Roman life, including Roman towns, roads, construction, public baths and entertainment.


Lesson 7: To know how the Romans have influenced our lives today

Children will find out about the fall of the Roman Empire and consider what the Romans left behind when they left Britain. They will think about things we still have in Britain today that descend from Roman rule and establish their impact on Britain.