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With the exception of phonics and some mathematics, all our learning in Reception is topic based. The curriculum in Reception is holistic and not separated into subjects. The curriculum is set out into areas of learning. We have one topic that covers all areas of learning. We do not always explicitly make links to these areas when talking to the children about topic learning. However, when teachers plan topic learning, it is planned using these areas. As parents, we realise that you might like to know which areas of the curriculum the topic learning links to and so we have provided the curriculum links for you. Please note that all learning that takes place in Reception covers all the areas of learning, however the links provided are the ones that we are particularly focusing on that week. Literacy (reading and writing) and Mathematics opportunities provided as part of all topic learning that we do. In order to prepare the children for Year One we will, where appropriate, link learning to the national curriculum subjects such as History, Science, Geography. When planning for our topic, we will also take into account our whole school curriculum drivers and plan learning that incorporates these.


Below is a key for the areas of learning;


PSED= Personal, Social and Emotional development

C&L= Communication and Language

PD= Physical development

UW= Understanding the world

EAD= Expressive Arts and Design.


Our new topic is called FROZEN


Week beginning 9.01.23- Why is it important to say thank you? This week will be a C&L and PSED focus week. We will be thinking about the Christian value 'Thankfulness'. We will be talking about why it is so important to say thank you and thinking about what we are thankful for both material and immaterial. We will be writing our own thank you letters

This week we will also be doing some RE and looking at the story of Noah's Ark- we will be thinking about the message in the story about promises and how God sent a rainbow as a promise that the flood would never happen again. We will be writing our own new year's resolutions (promises) on special rainbows.


Week beginning 16.01.23- What is winter like in the United Kingdom?- A UW focus week. This week we will be going on a polar exploration around school to look for signs of winter. We will be learning how to ask questions and what words to use- who, what, why, were when.We will be thinking of questions about what we might want to learn about winter and cold things/ places. We will also be thinking about what happens to animals in winter and talking about hibernation and migration. We will be reading the story Winters sleep. Finally we will be making bird feeders!


Week beginning 23.01.23- What is Lunar New Year?- A UW focus week We will be taking a break from our topic to learn about this festival. We will be making stir fry and making lanterns. We will be reading the book The Great Race


Week beginning 30.01.23- Where do we live?- A UW focus week (Geography) This week we will be thinking about where we live, we will be looking at where we live on a map and using an Atlas, we will be looking at different types of maps and looking at finding different places.


Week beginning 6.02.23- Who was Lowry?EAD and PSED focus week. This week we will be learning about the artist 'Lowry' We will be creating a piece of art based on winter, in the style of Lowry using charcoal. This week is also Children's Mental health Week- the theme is 'Let Connect' and we will be looking at the importance of making connections and togetherness. We will be reading 'The invisible string'