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We are Superheroes!

Wk bg 28th Sept

  • What rules and routines do I need to become a Superhero? This is a Respect code themed week in which the children will become familiar with the language of the Respect code through the use of different stories. We will be reading the following stories
  • The Selfish Crocodile- Compassion, Courage, forgiveness and friendship
  • The Paper Bag Princess- Courage
  • The Smartest Giant in Town- Generosity 
  • The Hare and the Tortoise and Princesses and not quitters- Perseverance
  • Giraffes can't dance- Respect
  • The boy who cried wolf- Trust and Truthfulness
  • Amazing Grace- Justice
  • The Good mood hunt- Thankful
  • The Good Samaritan- Service
  • The Prodigal Son- Forgiveness

We will also be creating our own Lifelong learners by drawing around ourselves and thinking about how we can become lifelong learners and what sort of things we will need to be doing in our learning- PSED and EAD


Wk bg 5th October


  • This week we will be focusing on ourselves and our family and friends and doing lots of circle time activities, thinking about who is in our family, who are friends are and different feelings. We will be making clay faces of ourselves and drawing a picture of someone we love and someone who loves us. We will be focusing on how to draw a person and on moulding and joining materials- PSED and EAD


Wk bg 12th October


  • This week we will be focusing on British Values. We will look at Democracy and have a class vote and we will talk about the Rule of Law and make our own superhero rules for the classroom. We will also be making superhero friendship bracelets and drawing pictures of ourselves as superheroes and thinking about what our special powers are. PSED and EAD


Wk bg 19th October


  •  This will be a Harvest themed week, we will be thinking about what Harvest means, looking at Harvests from past to present with a focus on Combine Harvesters and thinking about what Harvests are like in other countries. We will be reading Handa's Surprise and Oliver's Vegetables and doing some printing. UW and EAD


Autumn 2

Wk bg 9th November

  • This week we will be focusing on the story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. We will be reading the story lots and finding wow words in the story to talk about. The children will be accessing lots of enhanced provision in the classroom centred around the story, they will be practising their fine motor skills by threading and will also be writing about superworm! This week we will also be painting the clay faces that we made last term. We will be thinking very carefully about selecting the correct colours. EAD and Reading


Wk bg 16th November


  • This week we will be learning about superheroes in other countries. We will be learning about the life of Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. We will also be looking at some sporting superheroes and other real life superheroes and thinking about what skills they have had to use to get to where they are today. We will be talking about perseverance and resilience. UW


Wk bg 23rd November


  • This week is a science focus week. We will be carrying out our own experiment! The children will be thinking about how they can stop an egg from cracking when we drop it, they will be designing something that they think will stop an egg from cracking. They will be doing this in pairs and it will be all their own ideas! We will then talk about how to make it a fair test and also how to record our results. Finally we will be dropping the eggs in whatever the children have made and will be seeing which designs and worked and which haven't. We will be thinking about how to evaluate our designs if we did the experiment again.UW



Wk bg 30th November


  • This week we will 'Be a Santa for a senior' We will be sewing a Christmas decoration! This week we will also be carrying out another experiment with a mento and a bottle of diet coke! We will be thinking about what will happen and why. We will also be recording what happened using pictures and writing. EAD, PD, UW