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We are Superheroes!


Wk bg 27.09.21: Why is it important for superheroes to understand and talk about how they feel?- This week we will be looking at 'The Colour Monster' we will be talking about emotions and thinking about why it is important to talk about how we feel. This week will have a PSED and C&L focus. We will be learning lots of new vocabulary- 



Sad- unhappy, gloomy,miserable,upset

Calm- rested, cool, peaceful, relaxed

Angry- bothered, annoyed, angry, furious, livid

Fear- fearful, nervous, agitated, fearful, scared, terrified

Happy- positive, cheerful, delighted, excited

Muddled- confused, mixed up, distracted, flummoxed

Loving- friendly, appreciative, caring, affectionate

We will also be working in groups to create collages of the Colour Monsters using lots of different materials


Wk bg 4.10.21: What rules and routines do I need to become a superhero learner? This is a RESPECT code themed week. We will start by learning about what the words in the RESPECT code mean, we will then learn about the 12 Christian values that form part of the RESPECT code. We will work in groups to create RESPECT code superhero learners by drawing a large person and painting them. We will then think about when we may have displayed that particular RESPECT code trait. In order to help the children learn about the 12 Christian values we will be reading lots of books. If you have some of these at home you can read them and talk about the values. This week will have a PSED and C&L focus

The Selfish Crocodile- compassion, courage, forgiveness and friendship

The Paper Bag Princess- courage

Giraffes Can't Dance- generosity, perseverance and Respect

Hare and the Tortoise- perseverance

The Smartest Giant in Town- generosity

Princesses and not Quitters- perseverance

The Boy who Cried Wolf- trust and truth

Amazing Grace- Justice

The Good Mood Hunt- thankfulness

The Prodigal Son- forgiveness

The Good Samaritan- service

The Koala who Could, Lion Inside- courage

Farmer Duck- justice


Key vocabulary-

Resilience, Equality, Service, Positivity, Empathy, Choices, Togetherness, Friendship, compassion, generosity, justice, perseverance, courage, trust, thankfulness, respect, forgiveness, truthfulness


Wk bg 11.10.21: Are there superheroes in other countries? This week is diversity week, we will be learning about Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. We will be thinking about what makes them superheroes and thinking about equality and treating people fairly. We will be thinking about what our dreams for the world are and we will be thinking about pattern and symmetry and making African masks. We will be focusing on UW and History


Key vocabulary- 

Apartheid, equality, justice, fairness, equal, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance, difference, similarity 


Wk bg 18.10.21:- What happens in Autumn and what is Harvest? This week we will be taking a break from our superheroes topic to think about Autumn and Harvest. We will be learning about what a Harvest festival is and why Harvest is important to Christians. We will be thinking about some of the changes that take place in Autumn. We will be reading The Little Red Hen and thinking about the process of turning wheat into bread. We will also be reading Oliver's Vegetables and thinking about how fruits and vegetables are gown and harvested. We will be thinking harvests from past to present and how combine harvesters have changed. The children will be sequencing the story of The Little Red Hen and will be learning the art of printing with fruits and vegetables.


Key Vocabulary-

Harvest, Autumn, season, threshing, not I (story language from The Little Red Hen), wheat, mill, grind, dough, combine harvester, past, present, horse drawn


Wk bg 1.11.21- RE focus week on Creation


Wk bg 8.11.21- What makes us superheroes? This week we will be learning thinking about loving and being loved. We will be thinking about who is in our families and who is special to us and why? We will be talking about how all families are different and also looking about what makes families the same. We will also be thinking about what makes us special. We will be looking very closely at our faces and making our faces out of clay, we will be thinking very carefully about how to mould the clay. We will also be learning how to draw a person, thinking about what we need to include on a face and thinking about how we draw a body. We will be reading books about different families such as 'Picnic in the park' and 'Tango makes three'

This week is an opportunity to promote our Diversity driver 

To value individuality and celebrate difference

To understand that we all have the power to act and influence the world around us.

To ensure individual are treated fairly and equally no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation

We will also be thinking about the British Values of Individual liberty and Mutual respect and tolerance


Key vocabulary


Same, different, similar, difference, equality, individuality, loving, friendship, special, diversity, join, mould, roll, squeeze.


Wk bg 15.11.21 How do superheroes keep healthy? This week we will be thinking about what makes us healthy, we will also be thinking about eating healthily and making superhero fruit smoothies! We will then write a recipe for the smoothies we have made. 


Key vocabulary


Healthy, unhealthy, protein, calcium, fruit, vegetables, sugar, teeth, decay, chop, cut, knife, slice,





Wk bg 22.11.21 How can we stop a chocolate egg from breaking when we drop it? This week will be a science focused week. We will talk about what science is. We will be investigating how we can stop a chocolate egg from breaking when we drop it, we will be making predictions about what will work best. We will be thinking about how to make the investigation a fair test We will then be making something to try to stop our egg from breaking- we will be working in pairs and thinking about team work and back and forth interactions. We will also be talking about resilience and making mistakes.

This week we will be making links with our initiative driver


To face challenges with willingness, enthusiasm and resilience


To make connections between what we can see and what we can do about it


Key vocabulary


Experiment, investigation, science, scientist, prediction, fair test, evaluation, materials, cut, join, team work, force

To be role models by learning not to worry about what others think and develop the confidence to take action

Wk bg 29.11.21 This week we will be continuing with our science investigation and testing our creations, we will be making conclusions and evaluating whether our predictions were correct! This week will also link to our initiative driver