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Week 1

We have kicked off this half term with a wonderful 'World Book Day'. The children really enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters! 

We began our day with a character hunt. The children had to find the book characters that were hiding around the school and tick them off on their list!

Next, we played a special game of 'Who am I?' The children had to ask yes/no questions to try and guess the secret character that was on their headband. The children blew me away with their fantastic questions and helped each other with some great clues if they were needed. Some children even chose to continue playing this game in their provision time. The children then wrote their own clues to describe a book character for a partner to guess. They had some fantastic ideas and even thought about the order that they put their clues in so the harder ones came first - very sneaky work year 1! 

There have been some reading-themed additions to our classroom provision this week. We now have a voting station where the children can vote for the story that we read at the end of the day. We have also added a 'Bookflix' display where the children can rate and review some of the books in our reading area and recommend them to others.

The children also really enjoyed sharing their books with a friend during our book swap. 

We look forward to seeing you next week for our parent meetings. Have a lovely weekend!