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Week 1

Wow! What a great first week we have had in year 1! The children have loved exploring their new classroom and provision areas (you can see some photos below) and we have been very impressed by how well they have settled in.

We have started our new topic ‘Toy Time Travellers’ and the children were very excited on Thursday to find that something mysterious had been happening in our classroom! It seemed that the toys in the toy shop role play area had been very cheeky over-night. The dolls had been painting, the animals had been racing on the cars and the superheroes had been playing hide and seek! The children enjoyed drawing and writing about what they thought had happened and are now keeping a watchful eye on the toys each day!


The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite toys and beginning to develop their skills of describing and sorting objects. We looked carefully and talked about what modern toys are like and then they worked in pairs to the sort the toys into groups.

HD – “We have sorted into toys that need batteries or not.”

SS – “ We have sorted into plastic and not plastic ones”

AW – “We have put them in ones that are electronic and not.”


In maths, we have started our unit on place value (within 10). This is a unit that consolidates and deepens their learning from reception.

In Science, we started our work on the seasons which is something that we continue through the year. We chose a tree in our playground to carefully observe and we will be watching how it changes with the seasons. Some of the children even continued this learning in their provision time by adding their own pictures to our ‘tree book’.


We have been very impressed by how hard the children have worked this week – you should be very proud of them all!

Have a lovely weekend!

Exploring our classroom