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Week 1

Super Science!


This week, we began our new Science topic on plants. We learnt about the different parts of a flowering plant and the important role that each part plays. The children enjoyed creating ‘human plants’ where they used their bodies to show what each part of the plant does. They also worked in pairs to chalk and label a flowering plant on the playground. 

HD - “Not many people know that plants are living things just like us.”

SZ - “ My plant has leaves.”

MR - “ The roots absorb up the water to the stem and then it goes up and up to the flower.”

CJ - “The leaves get light to make food for the plant.”

JP - “ The stem sucks up the water to the leaves.”


At playtime, some children were very excited to tell me that they had noticed a bee in one of the flowers outside our classroom.

ES - “ It is going to the flowers because they are colourful like you told us.”