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Week 1


The first homework is 'live' and ready. Please let a member of the Year 1 team if you have any questions about this. We will also update the missing uniform section weekly at the top of this page so please keep checking if you are missing anything.


The children have been FANTASTIC and a real joy to teach. We have been blown away by their maths skills and have been following the White Rose Maths sequence. This seems to be working really well for the children as it builds on the previous learning and skills learned. We have also been counting to 100 everyday (any support with this at home would be appreciated). 


We have just begun our normal phonics lessons and the children have picked it up amazingly well. We are following the RWI scheme which was used in Reception so it is not completely new to the children. We will be led by the children and move at a pace which suits the class. On a Wednesday, we will spend time concentrating on our tricky words after our 'Big Write'. The Year 1 team have been very pleased by the classes attitude and perseverance towards their 'Big Write' and there has been some fantastic work produced. We have been paying special attention to writing our letters the right way round and on the line. During registration, children have been practising their cursive letters and are picking this up really well. We have started on the 'curly caterpillar' letters such as 'o, e, a, g, d, s'. Again, we will be led by the children with this and move at pace which is appropriate for them. 


In topic, the children got a letter from a Cathy who lives in Collingham who had lost her dog! The letter gave us details about the dog and the children made posters to help find Scruff. The children's posters must have worked as Cathy wrote another letter thanking the class for their help and that Scruff had been returned safely. This week, we have looked at the different animal groups and their characteristics. Children had to match animals to the correct group and explain their answer. We have also been learning about feelings. Year 1 had to draw a picture about what makes them happy, sad, excited and angry. The children enjoyed this task and came up with lots of brilliant ideas. It seems a lot of siblings can make Y1 a bit angry sometimes! Next week, we will learn how to manage extreme feelings. 



Wow, we are so pleased with how well the children have settled into Year 1 and into their new routines. They have all been amazing! Please be very proud of your children, because we are.


Please see the 'Reading Book' and 'Homework' sections of this page for the latest information about these areas