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Week 1

WOW, Year 1 have blown us away with how they have come back to school this week. Within 5 minutes of them entering the classroom, it was if they’ve never been away. They were all sat on the carpet practising their tricky words and cursive. It was such a pleasure to see and brought a huge smile to the faces of all the staff.


This week, we have had a little visitor to the classroom and it has caused quite a stir. A fairy door and note appeared in our classroom with a trail of fairy dust behind. The class quickly wrote notes to Freya the fairy and were trying to investigate where she came from. However, an evil fairy came along and froze 5 of the good fairies. The class had to work in groups to free the fairies from the ice. The groups worked so well together and came up with different ideas. The most popular one was to add warm water to the ice so it melted and would free the fairies! This activity linked really well with science week and the class had a lot of fun. The children later had another letter from Freya asking for their help. Freya needed help to make her potion fizz. The children were very excited and set to work investigating what they could add to the potion to make it fizz. The children worked as scientists; predicting what they thought would happen, observing carefully and then recording their observations. They decided that baking powder gave the potion the best fizz and excitedly wrote a letter to tell Freya what they had found. 


Alongside science, we have also looked at the book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. We looked at how we can achieve anything we want, if we put our mind to it. Everyone decided what they would like to be when they are older and then what they would need to do to achieve this. Year 1 also did a retell of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We were so pleased with their writing, especially having not done a write at school for nearly 3 months!!


In maths, the children have worked on their measuring skills this week. They used non-standard units such as cubes to measure objects around the classroom. We then moved on to measuring objects in cm using a ruler. The children really enjoyed this practical maths topic. 


It has been a very busy week in year 1 and we are sure the children will be tired after all their hard work! We could not be prouder of them and cannot wait to carry on with all our learning next week!

Experiment: What makes the potion fizz?