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Week 1 Blog


Wow! We have been really impressed by how well year 1 have come back to school after half term! They have jumped straight back into their routines and shown a great attitude to their learning. It was Mrs Hesketh's first week with year 1 and they have really impressed her with their amazing manners, hard work and lovely smiley faces when they arrive at school in the morning. The children have made me feel very welcome! You should be very proud of them all. 


This week has been a busy and very exciting week in year 1.  We have started our new topic which is all about space and is called 'Moon Zoom'. We have been blown away by how many facts the children already know about space and they seem to be really engaged with this topic already. The children had a visit from an alien called Sporkle who wanted to come and learn about earth. The children wrote some amazing letters back to Sporkle with some facts about our planet. On Thursday, the children made a very exciting discovery... an alien spaceship had crash landed in our classroom and there were slimy, alien footprints leading from the door. The children set to work using adjectives to describe what they thought the alien might look like. Mrs Hesketh was really impressed with the children's vocabulary and super adjectives that they came up with - you can see some of our work on the class photo page. We have also enjoyed spending time in our 'Space Station' role play area this week which has moon rocks and a rocket for us to explore. The children also wrote some instructions about how to make a jam sandwich and we were blown away by their super concentration! 


Next week is assessment week. The assessments will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Although we are continually, informally assessing the children during lessons, these assessments will help us identify any particular gaps that we will then be able to share with you and target through our teaching in school.


Mrs Hesketh and Miss Thackray