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Week 10 Learning

This week we are looking at 'The Conversation' by Matisse and how wonderful our world is.

Just a reminder for maths – BBC Bitesize has a weekly challenge on Fridays – Do have a go. They are from White Rose Maths and we have used some of them already so they should look familiar.

  • Spelling –Test yourself on ‘Jumping red words’ from last week – after, busy, climb, could, old, how.

New Jumping Red Words: father, brother, mother, son, where, bought, thought. All these new jumping red words are ones we found tricky and put back on the wall so we could have another go at learning them. Ask someone to dictate sentences with these words in for you to write.


This week’s spelling focus is ‘plurals’ – We’ve talked about plurals lots of times and had a go at making them. Plurals mean more than one of something like the plural of dog is dogs. Check out the ppt and then the activity sheets PDF. There’s a bingo game and jigsaw activity PDFs with irregular plurals to play with a partner.

  • Phonics – the sound shus spelt ‘cious’ as in delicious, precious, vicious, suspicious, ferocious, spacious. The ‘sh’ sound is made by ‘ci’. Find out what each word means. Can you use each word in a sentence? Play Fred fingers where the ‘sh’ sound (ci) is a dash and ‘uss’ sound (ous) is a dash so delicious = ….-- (dot, dot, dot, dot, dash, dash).

Have a go at making sentences with any of this week’s spellings or phonics.

  • Reading – Our Beautiful Planet – ZIP There are 3 different levels (steps). There are some ‘teacher’ notes to help your grown up. Have a go at step 1 and 2 independently but do discuss the text. Share Step 3 text with a grown up and have a go at answering the questions after your discussion.
  • Writing – Instructions – How to create a picture on Purple Mash – Now that you’ve had a go at creating pictures on Purple Mash you are going to write some instructions on how you do it. Talk about and plan your ideas first. You need an introduction. You could use a question: Would you like to find out how to…? You need steps on what to do. You need to start from opening Purple Mash and finish with saving your picture and logging off. Use command sentences and adverbs in your steps: Log in to Purple Mash by carefully typing your … You need an ending. It could be an exclamation sentence: What an amazing picture …!  Read your writing carefully and check for spellings and punctuation. Use the checklist to see if your instructions have all the features of a good piece of writing. WORD DOC
  • Grammar & Punctuation – revision - Word Types – focus on adverbs. Have a look at page 20-21 PDF booklet and complete the activity. Talk about the different jobs that words do in sentences e.g. adjectives describe nouns to give more detail so spotty tells you more about my scarf.  ‘My spotty scarf blew away in the wind.’ Then have a look at the Oak Academy lesson on adverbs. Adverbs tell us more about the verb. We have adverbs of time and manner.

If you watch the video from about 3 mins 12 secs to about 11 mins 46 secs there is a really useful explanation about what adverbs are and how we use adverbs in our writing. (We are not doing the whole lesson here just the bit about the adverbs.) You are going to use adverbs in your instructions above on using 2 Paint a Picture on Purple Mash.

  • Maths Practice – Money & half SATs – Money: Check out the money knowledge organiser PDF (It says geometry in the top left which is a typo – it should say money!). It summarises all the Year 2 learning for money i.e. – count money, equal amounts, compare, totals and change. You could have a shop activity to make it fun and buy toys with real coins.  Have a look at the ppt. Discuss the problems and challenges. Have a go at the maths pages from the home learning pack from Classroom Secrets (Week 2: 27/4/20) ZIP There are answer videos to accompany the maths at:

Monday - Count money is video 22, Tuesday – Select money is video 17, Wed Compare money is video 27.

Also do another couple of the half SATs PDF

  • Maths Topic – Geometry – Position and Direction – Step 4 – Making Patterns with shapes – Check out the ZIP file about patterns. It’s all about sequences and what comes next. Watch the ppt then have a go at the activity sheets. There’s extra homework sheets ZIP to have a go at too.
  • R.E. - How should we care for the world and why does it matter? – Recall the Creation story from Genesis Chapter 1. What does it tell Jewish and Christian believers about God and Creation? (That God is great, creative and concerned with creation, and that humans are important within creation). How might humans look after the world? Give good reasons why everyone (religious and non religious) should look after the natural world.
  • Science – revision – Animals Including Humans – Revision activity mat – PDF Have a go at the activity mat. Use the knowledge organiser from last week to help you if you need to.
  • Art & Design - Matisse – The conversation Word Doc – Do a ‘See, Think, Wonder’ Word Doc (Don’t read page 2 until you’ve done the ‘See, think, wonder’)for the painting. What can you see in the painting? What are you thinking about it? What do you wonder about it? Then read the information about it. Are you surprised? Have a go at creating your own picture of a conversation. You could paint or draw it. You could photograph a conversation. Who is it between? What is the conversation about? Can you put a window in the background? What colours could you choose? What clothes might be being worn?
  • Computing – Purple Mash 2 Paint A Picture –Poster Paints – The Conversation. Choose poster paints. Choose a bright colour and paint the canvas completely in that colour. Select the person outline (top right) and drag it (by getting hold of the middle of it) to one side of the canvas. Colour in a person wearing pyjamas. Open the person outline again and cross it out so the outline disappears. Then choose it again for the other person. Move it to the other side of the canvas. Colour that one in too. The outline is meant to help you get the body in the right proportions but if it’s too tricky to use just draw the people freehand. Can you make them look like they are talking to one another? Put your name at the bottom.