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Week 12 Learning

Week 12 – 2/6/20 (summer term 2) – TOPIC: COLOUR


  • Spelling – Revision suffixes: ment /ness. PDF Have a go at the activity sheet. Do you remember doing these suffixes? What do you do when the root word ends in a ‘y’? 
  • Phonics (We’ve completed all the Y2 phonics now and revisited the Y1 phonics so we will recap Red Words and some Y2 phonics over the next 3 weeks.) – Red Word revision. Have a go at the ‘Correct the spelling mistake’ activity sheet. PDF. There are lots of red words (common exception words) that are spelt incorrectly. Can you fix them and spell them correctly? Also have a go at the word search PDF for Red Words (common exception words). Sumdog: There is the first tricky word (Red Word) spelling challenge – Have a go!

N.B. – Red Words/Common Exception Words/Tricky words = different names given by different schemes to mean words that you can’t spell phonically. They are different names for the same thing really (the lists vary a bit).

Pause the video on each page and chat about each letter. Stop at page 12 and have a talk about the whole text so far. Discuss new vocabulary and make inferences based on the crayons feelings. Now use the reading question prompt sheet to discuss the text in more depth.  PDF.

  • Writing – A Letter (The Day The Crayons Quit). Imagine that your own pens and pencils at school could write to you. What might they say? How are they used at school? How does this make them feel? Have a go at writing a letter from a pencil/crayon or other piece of school equipment. (PDF for some ideas) Think about how to lay out a letter, how to start it and end it. Video Check out the video, on the resources page, of a letter (WORD DOC) I wrote from my computer to give you some ideas. Use the writing checklist to check your work at the end  WORD DOC. There are 2 boxes at the bottom of the checklist for you to add features that you have used e.g. adjectives, adverbs, exclamation sentence, commas in a list…
  • Grammar & Punctuation – revision: commas in a list PDF Can you remember how to use commas in a list? Have a go at the worksheet.
  • Maths Revision – Fractions ZIP + Half SATs ZIP.

Fractions - Have a look at the fractions videos on the white Rose Home Learning. Week 1 and Week 2 (Which is where we began at the start of lockdown.)

Have a go at the fractions booklet ZIP. There is also a knowledge organiser that tells you what you should know at the end of Year 2 PDF. Bitesize has 4 days of fractions from the 8th -11th June.

Plus do a couple more half SATs  PDF to keep arithmetic skills sharp.

  • Maths Topic - problem solving / activity mats. Bitesize has challenge of the week every Friday. You could do 1 or 2 questions. There are answers. Have a go at an activity mat 1 PDF which quizzes you on different aspects of Year 2 maths. On the activity mats there are 1, 2 and 3 star challenges (thankfully also with answers!).
  • Art – Printing - Matisse flowers – Matisse had a go at every kind of art. This week we are looking at printing. Check out the Matisse print JPEG of some flowers. How is it different from his other work? If you can, have a go at printing. If you have paint you could use your fingers or objects to print with and make a pattern. Check with a grown up to see what you could use. You could also try butterfly prints where you paint half a butterfly on some paper then fold it in half and the paint prints onto the other side. If you don’t have paint you could try relief prints of leaves, bark or something else that has a bumpy shape. You need a pencil/crayon and paper. You put the paper over the leaf and shade with the pencil. The shape of the leaf should appear. What else could you use? I’ve tried coins and wallpaper which work quite well.
  • Computing – Create a picture that is like printing a repeated pattern – Purple Mash 2Do ‘2Paint a Picture e-collage’. This week you’re going to choose e-collage on the Purple Mash 2Do. It works a bit like printing. When you open it you have to create a small tile on the top left of the big canvas then you print that tile on the big canvas. You can change the colour and the new colours appear in the little square - bottom left. When you are really happy with the tile design you print it on the main canvas.  You could print a few in one colour then change the colour and print a few more tiles without changing the design just the colour. Have a play with it first before you try to create a picture to submit for the 2Do. You can choose images to print on the canvas too. (Centre top picture option) Can you use an image to print around your design like a picture frame? I chose a parrot to surround my printed masterpiece! J (see PNG file for my example). Also if you hold down the mouse you can turn (rotate) the tile on the big canvas. (See zebras PNG) I think the zebra print is a bit Matissey because it is just 2 colours like his flower print. Have fun and do submit your pictures so I can see your masterpieces!
  • PSHE – Medicines and me 1: We’re looking at what medicines are, how we use them, what they do and how to stay safe around medicines - Look at the pictures of different types of medication JPEG. Discuss with an adult how each medicine is used, where on the body it is used, why it might be used and what it will do. Tell your adult about a time when medicine helped you.
  • Science – Revision: Plants – Check out the knowledge organiser for ‘Plants’.PDF Talk about all the information on the organiser. Chat about your seed investigation that you did before Easter. Ask someone to quiz you. Can you remember all the plant facts?